Free Speech Zone: Is human life more valuable than art?

Derrik Coleman

Edgar Mendoza and Quinae Austin


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Juan Velaquez Photo credit: Derrick Coleman

Juan Velasquez, Studio Art

“Art goes away eventually and it’s a materialistic thing, and I love painting so I know how important it is and would love for it to exist forever, but it can’t so care more about the lives that can give us the art”

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Bobby Adam Photo credit: Derrick Coleman

Bobby Adam, Art

“Probably the people, because the art can be replaced.”

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Cassandra Gonzalez Photo credit: Derrick Coleman

Cassandra Gonzalez, Sociology

“The lost of humans, humans life’s are way more important”

Lesile Duran Photo credit: Derrick Coleman

Leslie Duran, Sociology

“Persons life is more important people are more valuable than art.”

Sovauuika Touch Photo credit: Derrick Coleman

Sovauuika Touch, Nursing

“I think human life means more, although the art is very enspwnsive and sometimes can’t replace, it cannot replace a life.”