Hot run seeks its test against Pasadena City College

Going 5-1 in its previous six games, the Cerritos College women’s basketball team will seek to continue its ‘fantastic’ run against Pasadena City College in an away contest Wednesday, Jan. 29, as long as the team can maintain its composure, according to forward Nia Lateju.

“Sometimes the team wants something so badly, that we force some things,” Lateju said. “We’ll be ready for this next game.”

An overall record of 12-8 and a conference record of 5-1 has the Cerritos College women’s team in a decent spot when it faces Pasadena City College for the first time this season.

Early struggles were prevalent when the women’s team opened its season last fall, but continuing the season with the last string of games, the team has seemingly found its rhythm to open up the spring semester.

Point guard Priscillia Valdovinos credits passion for this recent run, and will continue to push, along with the rest of the team, against an aggressive Pasadena City team.

“It all comes down to effort. We’re just going to have to work hard to win, because (Pasadena City College) is a really good team. We have to stay focused.”

Lateju said, “I know for a fact that (Pasadena) likes to drive in; being aggressive and going to the basket. If we help each other out on defense and take charges, we can take (Pasadena) off (its) game.”

Valdovinos notes Pasadena City College “is pretty stacked in every position,” with the guard pointing out some sophomores from last season contributing to the opponent’s balanced squad.

(It’s) just a well-rounded team, so we just have to be ready,” she said. “If we move the ball around a bit more, then we will be fine. After that, it’s getting (Pasadena) to force (its) defense, and get (it) tired out.”

Game time is set for 7 p.m.