Falcons can’t keep up with Cougars

Emily Curiel, Staff Writer

The Falcons lost their most needed game of the season, falling to the Cougars at Los Angeles Southwest College Wednesday, Feb. 11.

Against the Cougars, the Falcons were more than dominated through the first half making it a rough way to start the game.

The second half started off just as bad. Falcon defense was just not on point making sloppy passes with no aggressiveness and little to no effort.

Last five minutes of the game the Cougars was controlling the game at their own pace making it impossible for the Falcons to return from a 20 point lose.

Cougars were making every shot and keeping the ball at their end of the court.

With only three minutes the Falcon bench was silent and seemed to be unmotivated to show enthusiasm for a win.

Making their expectations of this game a bust for a spot in state play-offs.

The final score was 102-77.

Falcon guard, Jay Merriweather said, “It was a heart breaker… I did the best that I could. Tried to get us back on, reduce the lead a little bit for us, but it didn’t do anything.”

With this loss Merriweather thinks that his team might have a small chance in making it to state play-offs.

But forward, Marquise Scott did not think this loss should break his team.

He said, “It’s tough to take a loss sometimes. We just got to come back hard and work at it again.”

Scott also said that his team went into this game to try and acquire a win, but there was not sufficient energy as there should have been.

Head coach Russ May was horrified by the loss saying, “It was awful. We didn’t play any defense and LA Southwest just took it to us tonight. Just wasn’t a great night for us.”

He felt as though there was not enough defense in the game and that physically his team was worn out being that this game is almost the last to end the season.

With this loss Falcon might fall short from making state play-offs.

The Falcons will determine whether it will be in the play-offs by Friday, Feb. 13 playing El Camino at home at 5:00 p.m.