Softball bounce back after tough loss

Toni Reveles

After a 10-inning 1-0 loss to Mt. San Antonio, the Cerritos softball team defeated El Camino Compton Center 17-0.

Sophomore Jenny Collazo said that it was a little frustrating to score 17 runs after her team couldn’t score any runs in the previous game.

“Of course the competition levels were different but I mean we’re hitters and I think the game before, we played to our full potential and gave everything we could, and with this game it was 50/50 whatever way the softball gods want it to go and I think it just didn’t go our way but we battled our hearts out and in against [El Camino] we did the same thing,” she said.

Freshman Jissel Caballero said, “It’s more of the competition, of course the levels were completely different, but a game is a game sometimes things go your way other times they don’t.”

Assistant coach Bud Murray said, “That team is terrible, they’re not very good, they haven’t won a ball game all year.”

Murray didn’t feel frustration at all, “Definitely the level of competition Mt. Sac lost two games all year whereas El Camino hasn’t won a game.”

Collazo said overall her team did well, “We came out and we took control and we played at our level.”

Caballero agreed with Collazo about their team, “I agree we played at our level we didn’t drop down but we weren’t trying to be rude about the game either we just played with integrity and we were very humble about the situation.”

In the first inning alone the women scored 7 runs out of the final 17 runs.

Three of those RBIs came from Collazo who said she was just looking to move runners, “When it comes to RBIs we have a philosophy, here you have runners [on] your job at the plate is to just score your runners base, so thats the mentality that I went up with.”

“Our mentality is to do your job and everyone does their part and if everyone does their part then we end up with a good outcome,” Caballero said

Caballero had two RBIs in the game.”Our mentality is to do your job and everyone does their part and if everyone does their part then we end up with a good outcome.”

Next up is East L.A. College and Caballero has some ties to that team, “I’m personally pretty excited because my cousin is on that team so it’s competition.”

The women play East L.A. Thursday, March 24 at 3 p.m.