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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Call to artists: “Jukebox” is cancelled!

This is an image of a lego jukebox, which is similar to the jukebox event.
ER0L, Creative Commons
This is an image of a lego jukebox, which is similar to the jukebox event.

Since Omicron has taken over, the Downey Art Coalition had to postpone the “Jukebox” event till April.

Both President Gil and Hernandez said that in the process of thinking of “Jukebox”, we were … brainstorming and we thought – “wouldn’t it be great to have art pieces that are inspired by actual songs.” What inspired the theme was the Schoolhouse Rock song, “3’s a Magic Number”, which was released in 1973.

Their initial title of the event was “Name That Tune” but ended with “Jukebox”. When brainstorming titles, President Gil and Hernandez looked for a title, “that rolls off the tongue.”

The Downey Art Coalition’s focus is to, “nourish arts and culture in the community,” President Gil points out.

She also alluded to why they continued the Downey Art Coalition, “we felt like Downey needed more art and culture” and gave an anecdote, “I had to leave Downey to go experience it in other places”. The President also mentioned that during that time, she felt a disconnect with her city.

President Gil gave a story about the city’s resistance to keeping the Art Committee, “it was like ‘oh these art people, they just want to have art shows’ … and I don’t think that they felt it was … important”. However, the city noticed that the Wine Bar would fill up and would ask the Downey Art Committee to curate more events.

Hernandez explained how he curates events, “We try our best to connect them to the concert as much as possible. Then, [we] write up a Call To Artists, send it out to different people.”

The process of picking art is simple, “they hardly turn anyone away” Herandez said, “it’s usually when the art piece is so off-topic for the theme” – but that art can be considered for the next art show.

President Gil brought up that they were a nonprofit organization, she introduces one of the reasons why she is in the Downey Art Coalition, “I want to give those local artists a chance.”

When talking about their favorite moments of the Downey Arts Coalition, President Gil excitedly talked about their 10th Anniversary, having Blue’s Legend James Harmond and Phil Alvin play at their Wine Bar, the Defying Gravity event and had a rare red violin in one of their shows (which was called “Rhapsody in Red”).

Hernandez talked about his best memories with the Downey Arts Coalition by explaining his amazement in the symphony, “it’s not something you see … you have an art exhibition along with incredible music”. He also talked about how his first curated event was “Cosmic”, which the theme was about space.

President Gil also explains the mentorship these artists take part in, which inspires younger artists to get better at their craft. President Gil talked about the difference between the Downey Art Coalition versus other organizations, “We are a grass-roots nonprofit” and explained that they don’t have many rules, “or a lot of red tape”.

President Gil brought up that her dad is a musician and how she grew up with music all of her life.

She then found out that there was a Downey Symphony and became a ‘cheerleader’ for them. President Gil works as a Project Cost Administrator for a construction company and feels like the Downey Art Coalition is her ‘artistic outlet.’

Hernandez explained that he took an art appreciation class in high school and when he had to create a painting, he was so drawn into that painting. He then met Liz Moran at Dominguez Hills, which led him to Pat (President Gil) and they both were talking on the phone.

Herandez gives his advice on curation, “be open to change” and President Gil’s advice was to “treat everybody with respect.”

They made it clear that they, “are open to growing”. President Gil also talked about DAC’s biggest need, “support (behind the people)” and whatever help you can help with would be greatly appreciated.

Some of the events that may be in the future are the Blues’ Events, a Photography show and an “Open Theme” show, which all are in the works. President Gil mentioned having QR codes posted next to the painting so viewers can listen to the music that inspired the art, it will be like a jukebox.

If you are interested in the “Jukebox”, any future events or helping the Downey Art Coalition out, contact [email protected].

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Call to artists: “Jukebox” is cancelled!