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Rose Buds Radio: The many ways to enjoy cannabis

Rebecca Aguila
“Rose Buds” is a cannabis-friendly column intended for readers 21 years and older. We encourage only legal and responsible enjoyment of all cannabis products.

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REBECCA: Recording!

KIANNA: Alright.

REBECCA: And, now recording. What’s up everybody? So this is News Buds. I’m here with Miss Kiki. Say what’s up, Miss Kiki.

KIANNA: Rose Buds? You said News Buds?

REBECCA: I said News Buds?


REBECCA: My bad! Welcome to Rose Buds. I’m Rebecca.

KIANNA: and I’m Kianna.

REBECCA: So what we’re intending to do in order to keep the 4/20 Spirit Alive is basically doing little mini podcast of anything and everything cannabis-related. So currently Kianna and I are recording via Zoom. Thanks, Zoom.

KIANNA: Yes, live from my very own room. So if you guys have to imagine it, picture me in any pretty stereotypical minimalist Tumblr room filled with lots of plants.

REBECCA: I was just about to say and a fake plant.

KIANNA: And the fake plant? Yes, cuz you always need the one, you know.

REBECCA: So in order for us being safe for everybody else this column is intended for every anybody 21 years and older. So we encourage all legal responsibility and enjoyment of cannabis products and today’s topic is actually going to be all the different ways to enjoy marijuana.

KIANNA: Yes so for all you Newcomers who might be interested in trying cannabis for the first time or anyone who just wants general information. We’re here for you. So there’s many alternatives to consuming and smoking cannabis but before we get into that. Let’s talk about the three different strains.

REBECCA: So a lot of you guys may not realize that there are three strains, especially for you newcomers. So the three strains are Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.

REBECCA: And Indica is more of a body high body definitely will have you feeling super stuck to the couch make your eyes feel super heavy and give you the typical Stoner droopy. Look it’s always best for lazy days or always best before you go to sleep in order for you to get a good night’s rest.

KIANNA: Yeah so usually people who experience anxiety will actually favor Indica, Indica is said to be a little bit more relaxing, especially when compared to the next strain, sativa.

REBECCA: Oh, yes, good. Good good sativa is more of a head-high. It’s more of a creative and uppity way to kind of experience cannabis for the first time. However, this will give you the super red eye look and it’s more fragrant meaning you get more of a sweeter and softer smells. So that’s where you hear the strains, you hear more of like tangy strains or flowery strains. That’s mostly all relating to sativa this you can actually add a lot of sativa to cooking dishes and is recommended to take on outdoor walks or hikes.

KIANNA: Yeah so sativa, it would feel more like that stereotypical what you see in movies like that trippie psychedelic effect. I feel like Sativa would give you the closest to that effect.

REBECCA: Yes, and this is like just a cautionary advice for any newcomer sativa will definitely have your head feel like you have a headband around your forehead or something. So you’re just you’re a little head shift or had changes what some people call it.

REBECCA: And it’s a lot more, has like a lot more of a lighter green to it. Usually indica’s heavy and darker. The difference between the the flowers of indica and sativa is sativa is the thinner leaves indica the more of a thicker heavier leave, so whenever you see the plant you’ll know which is which so I mean sativa is just great if you just want to get out and go jar something honestly it will it will make you feel sleepy.

KIANNA: Yeah, but there is of course the hybrid so hybrida, of course, they give you almost The Best of Both Worlds, will hybrids are also really good for too is it’s usually a good compromise. So if you’re with a group of people half of them, like Indica half of them like sativa, that’s where the hybrid would have course come in. Of course. There are different, how would i say, ratios

REBECCA: Yes it’s called dominant strains. So if you ever go to a dispensary or any local marijuana dispensary, usually the bud tender will tell you this is a hybrid and you might want to ask a question what strain is dominant?

REBECCA: So that way you have a clear ratio of either you have 70% sativa and the rest 50% or 60% Indica. See that’s just more of a like a little word of advice for newcomers who want to try hybrid. Just make sure to ask a budtender. What strain is dominant in the hybrids that we you know, either you’re going to get a little bit more of the indica or sativa side.

KIANNA: Yeah, and you know it definitely in the Cannabis world. It’s all about knowing yourself. The consumer has to know themself, do their own research even just asked questions, you know, they should be this is a judgement-free Zone.

KIANNA: Like ask which one is the best for you because ultimately what you want is to enjoy yourself, you want the benefits that you’re looking for. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you feel more anxiety.

REBECCA: Yeah, definitely ask questions. Don’t be afraid of sounding like you don’t know anything because one, you don’t know anything and it’s always best to get word of advice or any recommendations from someone who is more experienced.

REBECCA: So with that being said since we gave you a little bit of a rundown of the three strains now, we’re going to give you the Alternatives of how you can enjoy cannabis. So the first thing it is mostly commonly seen in Hollywood Movies is the joint and the joint is a classic way to have some Grade A cannabis is usually in a lot of Hollywood movies. And if you’re not a frequent user of cannabis then rolling a joint is probably going to be a challenge for you.

KIANNA: But of course dispensaries do sell pre-rolled joints. So some things to know about the joint itself too of course. It’s a classic. It’s the one that you want to share with the group of people, rulealways being puff puff pass. But the point to keep in mind with the joint too is you are running on limited time because the paper’s constantly burning so, you know, it’s delicate, there is no, in a word, storytelling while holding a joint. You do have to keep it moving because the longer you hold it in your hand the longer it’s burning and going to waste.

REBECCA: Yes, well said so basically what Kiki said puff puff pass then continue your story. So a pro with using a joint is that you could actually feel, see and taste the Cannabis more. So you have a higher chance of actually getting to know your strain and to know what, how it makes you feel anything like that. So I feel like joints are probably the best way for you to taste the actual cannabis itself.

KIANNA: But then that leads us into the next rolled-up way to enjoy cannabis, which is the blunt.

REBECCA: Oh! Blunt. So this, for for all you newcomers, you might want to stay away from blunts for a while. If you’re not used to smoking or never heard of a blunt. So this is basically what a blunt is: it’s a tobacco cigarette which is split in half and the inside of the loose tobacco was taken out and replaced with cannabis.

REBECCA: And usually you have to crush the cannabis super super delicately or crush it up in your hand in order for it to be not poke holes in the wrapping of the Cannabis tobacco leave. So I usually see the singer Rihanna with one in her hand. I’m pretty sure all of you guys have seen the memes of of a Rihanna looking at a blunt and saying a blunt would never break your heart, which is true.

KIANNA: Yeah, so this one’s definitely the classy, the this is the one that the Cannabis Enthusiast would want and can of strive for you know of a blunt for yourself as a treat for your cell phone.

REBECCA: Yes, everybody loves a nicely rolled blunt but you don’t want someone who rolls it too tight and you literally have to like suck the smoke out. That’s something you don’t want to do and you don’t also want it too losoe for the Cannabis literally shoots into your mouth. Sometimes sometimes people call the Scooby snacks and there’s a whole bunch of flavors. You could buy these blunts in of the most popular brand of Swisher’s and you also see like real tobacco leaves such as what’s it called.

REBECCA: I don’t know the name of it, but it’s a huge tobacco leaf and this will make you feel like a million bucks, honestly.

KIANNA: Yeah, and then over here at Rose Buds, we’re going to we’re going to be real with you guys. So if any newcomer is listening to this are thinking should I smoke a blunt for the first time, of course we encouraged legal responsible consumption, but for anyone enjoying any kind of product, please know your limits of blunts, are said to actually hit a little bit harder.Quote on quote.. So keep in mind.

REBECCA: Backwoods, that’s what they’re called. Yeah, so that’s actually the most popular like seeing anything, right? Yeah, it’s the most part. It’s it’s usually the most glorified in Hip Hop culture. So usually see a huge tobacco leaf the size of your hand just being rolled up all nice and like perfect and usually that the other Swisher blunts are more like stiffer and easier to roll, but however Backwoods is its experience you need experience rolling. Some newcomers do not buy a Backwood, please you’ll save yourself the hassle.

KIANNA: And then for the discreet smoker or for the beginning smoker, of course, there are Vapes and Pens otherwise, you know like, Stiizys. The memes.

REBECCA: Stiizy. So this one you really got to know how much you’re taking because sometimes you don’t feel the smoke going into your lungs or you don’t feel anything quite frankly the first time newcomers, I would recommend you guys kind of take a small dosage of it. Don’t try to go all out and try to make a huge rip or something because you’re not going to have the best time.

REBECCA: Only other thing I recommend is only buying from certified brands and obviously do your research. So popular brands such as Raw Garden, Jungleboys Amoxi. Those are the brands you want to buy not some off Market Black Market stuff because you never know the ingredients or you never know what those people are going to put in the pen so that’s my word of advice.

KIANNA: Yeah, and pens in general have a lot of THC. So I guess if I had to explain THC to a newcomer, you know, they always say you don’t really know something until you should be able to explain it to a kid. THC is basically I would like to explain it as how quickly you’ll get you high. What do you think Rebecca?

REBECCA: I think it’s the literally the Magic ingredients what gets you feeling happy what makes you feel good. You know, I mean, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s what is it? What would you say?

KIANNA: I related it to how like how quickly it would get someone to what you would kind of be looking for, in a sense? But you know it with this one because there is so much THC, you know only a couple of hits is all a person would really need from a pen, it would give them the same effect as you know, smoking a lot of something else because of the amount of THC. The thing is though, because you’re using this pen that does not smell, the smoke goes away in a bit and it’s just really easy to use. It’s a little bit easier to abuse a pen.

KIANNA: So again, if people have to know their limits because some people have said that sometimes they’ll just keep hitting it during the day because it just feels natural. They don’t realize like just how much THC is in it.

REBECCA: And with that being said since it’s so easily able to use, you know, your tolerance might even go up and when I say by tolerances the amount of marijuana you can take or the amount of THC that’s in your body. So that’s one con of it, is basically overdoing it to the point where you can’t actually feel the effect of the THC.

REBECCA: So I would just kind of just take only a couple hits, you know, not go all out and try to get the full effect right then and there. Pens are for more like two or three times use that we could just get a slight head change, you know, and I’m going to say that it’s probably one of the easiest alternatives to use THC or cannabis. I think Kianna and I both agree that it’s probably the easiest one to use here out of our list.

KIANNA: Yeah, you know that’s what’s been said some other people as well and especially right now during the during this quarantine, if you’re in a house with others that may not appreciate the scent of marijuana all that much of course will pens will not leave a scent. So that’s another Pro again, but we can keep getting into pens.

REBECCA: I know, right. I think the older generation despises pens right now.

REBECCA: Yeah, I know. The next time we’re going to have on our list is a steamroller which is basically a bong or water pipe without water. I’m not going to lie. It looks very intimidating at first if you don’t know what a steamroller is, newcomer, Google it because that thing is crazy looking.

KIANNA: Yeah I have never, until you told me about that Rebecca, have never seen one. I did not know these things exist. So yeah you and listening to it. Just Google it. I just looking at it as physically does not make sense to me. I’m just going to say this out loud. I don’t know how people use it. I don’t know anything about this other than from what I’ve read. But even from what I’ve read, this thing is very intimidating. It’s almost too much work in my opinion. I would think.

REBECCA: Yeah, I’m going to agree with Kianna it is it looks intimidating and can be a little bit tricky to use at times,I don’t want to explain it because I could go on and on on the analytics and how the heck you’re supposed to use it because this is just a steam roller is probably the less the least favorable in my opinion on using cannabis, so it’s it for me, for other people, it hurts their throat because you don’t know how much smoke here in taking as well. It’s very harsh. The smoke is dry.

REBECCA: So at times, people will just cough and cough and cough after taking one hit of this and it kills them, welll not kills them. It just makes them feel like, you know, you ever seen people when they when they they try to swallow their spit and it goes down the wrong pipe and they’re coughing up a lung? That’s what it’s going to look like. Your eyes are all watery. You look red. It’s just it’s not the best time but we just wanted to let the newcomers know that this is an alternative because it could either be a super artsy looking Steamroller or could be a pocket steamroller. So, you know, it’s kind of like super easy-to-use but not the easiest way to use. It’s it’s kind of in the middle. I don’t really know.

KIANNA: Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize I was on mute! Thank you, Zoom! So well listeners other than this crazy thing Steamroller, whatever, of course there’s always the classic bong, otherwise known as the water pipe. So when you look at this thing, you think class, fancy, this is definitely an occasion accessory when you know smoking cannabis.

REBECCA: Yes. I don’t know if you guys ever seen that movie Grandma’s Boy, but bongs basically look like vases, so with that being said if you live at your grandma’s house and you have a bong, she might think it’s going to be a vase and might put flowers in it. So with that being said, bongs can obviously be a piece of art as well.

REBECCA: There are competitions around the world of of a glass of glass blowers creating these huge elaborate pieces of of art but you know, they are marijuana friendly you know for cannabis Enthusiast. So that’s what makes it even better in the stoner is always seen what these in Hollywood movies. So you basically seen a stoner walking in any scene and they’re going to have a bong in their hand, because it’s that cool or it’s the best alternative to use in my opinion.

KIANNA: Yeah, and you know, but of course there is definitely work to this, you know, you’re not getting this beautiful thing without putting in any effort. So first of all there’s maintenance. So of course this is a glass piece you have to clean it, you have to be careful with it is very fragile. And then the actual use of this so with this one unlike the joint or the blunt with this one, you know, you actually have to put in a few more steps if you want to explain the steps, Becky.

REBECCA: Yeah so it’s basically the Avatar of All Alternatives, because you’re using all four elements, using water, fire, earth and air you need to suck and inhale as you put the fire on to the Earth, which is the the Cannabis, and it’s kind of like a giant straw in a way, but you don’t want to hit this hard or else you are going to get too much smoke.

REBECCA: So it is recommended to have someone there who has been experienced with bongs because if you hit it the wrong way, it’s not going to be the best time. It’s probably going to be the same experience with the steamroller: red eyes, coughing and crying the whole shebang. So it’s it’s pretty self-explanatory. You can it’s really easy. I mean anybody could piece it together of of how to use a bong. So I I think of it as probably another easy way of using cannabis.

KIANNA: Yeah, but of course other than actually smoking you can eat cannabis. And of course everyone knows about these we’re going to be talking about Edibles. Now, of course another very discreet thing that you can enjoy so it does not come with a scent and of course, sometimes it can actually taste good. You can enjoy what you’re eating knowing that will give you a high later on.

REBECCA: Yes, however we are advising to newcomers that if you are going to be trying Edibles to try it later on as the time goes by when you’re getting more familiar with marijuana and your limit because Edibles can be very, very it’s like a guesstimation of how you’re going to react to it when you eat an edible.

REBECCA: So usually in movies you see people eat the whole thing and they’re stoned out of the mine and in some cases if you’re a newcomer even one bite can make you feel like that in a way. It’s more for people who have been experienced who have had tried Edibles and who had had their past experience of cannabis.

REBECCA: So just a little word of advice. Please take a small bite. If you do end up trying this we don’t want anybody trying to go to the hospital saying that they could hear their hair growing and all that nonsense because you’re going to be fine. You just took too much of it. So this is also an alternative to people who don’t enjoy inhaling things. So it’s also highly recommended by doctors when trying cannabis in when trying cannabis for those who have asthma, who have lung problems or anything like that but want to try it, Edibles is probably the best way to go.

KIANNA: Yeah, and honestly it’s better to underdo it because then later on if the person doesn’t feel anything we can always adjust but once you overdo it, that’s it. So honestly newcomer listening to this just under do it, you know, just be safer, know your limits and we here at Rose Buds will be the one to tell you don’t expect this crazy dramatic experience that’s usually shown in movies and shows, you know, this is definitely just to chill out. Have a good time and give you the benefits that you’re looking for so again, that’s the strains:

KIANNA: Did you want to be more creative, do you want to relax and when you know which benefits you’re looking for it’ll help to do a little research, listen to podcasts just like this one. So, you know a little bit of what you’re getting into.

REBECCA: Yes, and with that being said we have come to the end of our list. There are so many more but I think it’ll take about an hour or two to just explain how many different alternatives to have cannabis. These are just the top rated ones that are the popular alternatives to trying cannabis. But again, we want to remind all of you to please take responsibility when consuming marijuana products for the first time. We encourage anyone trying any of these alternatives to have at least one person in the room experience when you’re trying cannabis.

KIANNA: Yeah, and please be sure to check us out at talonmarks.com and subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter. We just put out the story about virtual sessions during quarantine.

REBECCA:Y’all better go subscribe to the newsletter! Next week’s segment is going to be a bit of a brand and marijuana review and a bit of a check-up on the marijuana festival industry. So please turn in next week for next week’s segment of Rose Buds. Should I say Rosebud Radio?

KIANNA: Yeah radio, let’s go.

REBECCA: All right, please tune in for next week segment of Rosebuds Radio. I’m Rebecca Aguilar.

KIANNA: And I’m Kianna Znika, signing off.

REBECCA: Thank you!

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