Junior college should pay for athletes’ school

Community college athletes should be able to receive scholarships.

Athletes at universities are given scholarships to play for a school there is no reason why the lower level schools shouldn’t.

If a student is coming from out of state just to play a sport, they need money for a place to live, higher tuition and possibly to buy equipment for that sport.

Even if the athlete isn’t from out of state, during the season it is extremely hard for athletes to keep a job because of of the practice and game schedules.

Life isn’t easy for any student but others are aloud to get help.

There are all type of scholarships for students who excel in specialized areas such as theater or journalism.

Why can’t athletes get money for excelling in their sport?

Just like with any scholarship, there needs to be a criteria.

Maybe they cant miss a certain amount of games or practices.

No matter how good they are, they are still student athletes so having to keep their grades up should be a requirement as well.

These students help to represent our school.

We should have the best representatives possible and being able to give out scholarships to them will help do that.