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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Podcast: Video Game DLC’s

Podcast: Video Game DLCs

In this podcast, we discuss whether DLC (downloadable content) is good for the video game industry. Several gamers voice their opinions on what kind of DLC they appreciate and what seems better for everyone.



Luis: Hey everybody! You are here with Talon Marks and today we will be discussing DLC’s and whether they’re good or not. I’m here with.

Carlos: Carlos Holguin.

Grester: Grester Acosta.

Gustavo: Gustavo Lopez.

Luis: And Luis Guzman. What is your general opinion of DlC. Do you guys like it or no?

Grester: It all depends really like, if it’s good, i’ll get it or like if it adds on to the game, but if it’s not good i probably wont get it.

Carlos: I think it’s a used and abused system. You’re basically charging people money for things that could’ve been put in the game and usually the free DLC is just minor things

Gus: That is my point exactly , like, it’s getting worse now because they’re doing it on purpose. They make the game and then they make the new content either around the same time or right around the launch of the game. You pay 60 dollars for the game plus 10 to 15 extra dollars for the DLC that already existed when it was launched.

Carlos: So that’s 75 dollars on just one game because they aren’t complete.

Luis: So do you guys like feel that the gaming companies that put out this DlC are cheating out gamers? Like, not putting a full product out.

Gus: I think they’re abusing their fans. Like the fans of the Call of Duty franchise. I personally don’t like the franchise but it’s insulting when you buy the new game, which is basically the same game like these passed 5 years-.

Carlos: But that have different stories.
Gus: OH, wait it gets worse *laughter* literally on the day of launch they say ” you can buy a season pass for 20 bucks” and then those maps and weapons skins-
Grester: The weapon skins aren’t included in the pack.

Gus: Oh, okay only the level’s then. Those usually are the best maps in the game, so why would they not be in the original game? As opposed to putting bland maps.

Carlos: Why not released a better finished product, then multiple good products. There are certain companies that do DLC very well. Like Bethesda, when they released fall out 3, they released 4 different DLC’s for it. And each one of those DLC’s was basically a different game. You can buy fall out 3 and play it to its finish and it and you would be perfect fine and you can buy the DLC’s and they were their own separate game.

Gus: See, the DLC’s from that game expanded on the game itself.

Luis: Okay. This is another topic i wanted to talk about. What about episodic gaming? For example: The Walking Dead video game or The wolf among us. Uhhhh, there are many more games,but do you think that is the future of games?

Carlos: Well there was, recently sega was doing episodic released of a remade Sonic 2 game that was actually really good; and i enjoyed it and you had to pay for each episode. It was good it was an actual goo remake, if they put them all together, which they probably did and i haven’t seen it, i would buy the game even though i have the episodes.

GUs: How much were the episodes?

Carlos: Very cheap like about $1.99.

Gus: Yeah all of them together would probably be the amount of the game as a whole. I think it depends on the story of the game as opposed to the developer because you have to find a story that can be released as episodes, otherwise it wouldn’t work. Like, Call of Duty in episodes wouldn’t work or Halo.

Grester: yeah, Definitely not.

Carlos: The Walking Dead and Among Us, each separate episode helps add to the suspense at the end.
Grester: It leaves on a cliff hanger kind of like the show.

Luis: Yeah, i think that kind of DLC or episodic gaming is good for game companies that are making story driven games. What else…

Grester: I think it’s a good mixture of gaming like we have triple A’s or indy games we have a whole bunch of different games that i think it’s good. It makes things really diverse.

Luis: Yeah, that’s true. You have been here with Luis Guzman.

Carlos: Carlos Holguin.

Grester: Grester Celis-Acosta.

Gus: And Gustavo Lopez.

Luis: And as always don’t forget to like our Facebook page, Follow us on twitter @talonmarks, and subscribe to our youtube page. Thank you.

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Podcast: Video Game DLC’s