Communism is the most pragmatic solution

Benjamin Garcia

There are many reasons that contribute to communism being the most pragmatic solution to the crises of world poverty, war and climate change.

Father of Economics Adam Smith has been accused of saying that individual ambition serves the common good. What this is often interpreted as is the notion that whatever is done in greed at the hands of the corporate overlords, is somehow good for the wage slaves. As if!

However, the soul of this statement isn’t necessarily a fallacy. What is good for the individual is good for the group, provided that the individual strives to work for the common good.

As my dear colleague David Jenkins would say, the left is divided between moral high ground and the freedom to choose for yourself.

In the a capitalist democracy versus the communist democracy, the two are at different rankings in regards to importance; though both are very important in both.

For one person to be rich, another must be poor. No person is worth more than another. No one deserves more than another. No one should have the power to make another starve.

If such a power is given, the greediest people among us will use it to bleed people, institutions and the environment until these things are left empty.

This is the simple explanation for why capitalism has failed again and again.

For those who say that communism should not be attempted because it has never been successful, capitalism has never been successful except with some degree of socialism.

Communism has not yet been successful because there has been some element of capitalistic greed.

Therefore, it is pragmatic at first to strive for the moral high ground and make personal freedom second banana– until materialism as a concept is wiped from the human psyche.

After this point, people would understand that they are morally responsible for the well-being of their neighbors and always choose that which is morally just.

German philosopher, economist, journalist, and revolutionary socialist Karl Marx was filled with rage at seeing the surplus that was made and thrown away day after day in capitalist Europe; but this is also precisely what gave him hope.

If corporate America would stop creating false scarcity by throwing out goods that are not sold, the environment and society would experience less of a strain.

If production of luxury goods were halted– and the manpower, time and resources were allocated toward things that were necessary– we would without a doubt have a surplus of things that people actually need.

Giving children clothes; the hungry food; the homeless lodging; is much more valuable than the illusion of personal choice.