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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Violence against women sex workers must end now!

Sally T. Buck
Protest in Canada taking place to stand up for sex workers. People marching down the street with signs and umbrellas. (2016)

Men love to say “women have it so easy“ especially when it comes to sex workers but this job is not for the weak.

Many people rely on sex work as their only source of income and there is nothing wrong with that.

It is not fair to tell them that their job is easy because many people have to deal with harassment that can lead to very dangerous situations.

Clients sometimes don’t want to pay while the sex workers face verbal, physical abuse and in some cases even death.

Stories are more likely to be shared on Twitter where people know they will be heard with Twitter threads and TikTok is depended on to get the word out.

Like the case of Felicia Johnson, who was last seen at Cover Girls Night Club looking for work in Huston, Texas.

Chukwuebuka Nwobodo, the man who’s wanted for Johnson’s disappearance, was arrested and released right away.

There was evidence of her blood found in his apartment and the trunk of his car.

His search history included searches like “how to be a serial killer” and “Huston escorts.” Yet with all the evidence in front of them, they let him walk freely.

The harassment doesn’t stop there; it also happens online with sites like Onlyfans.

Only fans and similar sites I’ve been on the rise since quarantine started. It’s nothing new and there are around 1.5 million content creators on only fans today.

Content creators that go viral on social media like Twitter or Instagram happen to be women; However, all the attention these posts get isn’t all positive comments.

Many floods the comment section with hateful messages and complaints from most men.

They slut shame, name-call, tell them to pay taxes (which they do) and even send threats.

But why are they so upset at a woman for making money? Why do they care what a woman does with their body?

If you’re mad at a woman for having it so easy, maybe you shouldn’t think and get a little bit more upset at men for making it “easy;” a big majority of consumers are men.

You can tell it’s mostly men because they are the ones that comment or share the post the most.

There are popular male-only fans and content creators who have a big female audience yet these men tend to get praised instead of harassed.

Being a sex worker is not as glamorous as it seems and some men don’t see sex workers as people; which brews hatred.

There are plenty of TikTok and YouTube videos and social media posts all over the Internet glamorizing how easy it is to make money.

They don’t mention you almost have to have some sort of following if you want to make big bucks like they are.

Some smaller creators are coming forward and even sharing with their audience to not join only fans due to the consequences they have to face.

The phrase “see something, say something” is extremely important in cases like this.

Never be scared to stand up if you see someone getting physically or verbally attacked.

You can always call the authorities to come help if the altercation is getting out of hand and it’s a shame that there are random people who say it’s wrong but don’t do anything to help.

People who disrespect sex workers should be called out and even sharing a post on social media goes a long way to bring awareness to this important issue.

There are also protests that happen where people can attend and use their voices to stand up for sex workers.

Not all men are violent but not speaking up and telling others that their wrong can also be harmful.

Sex worker rights are basic human rights.

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Diana Morales, Arts & Entertainment Editor
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Violence against women sex workers must end now!