Free Speech Zone: What party will win the midterms?


Julio Rodriguez

Jerry Ramos, who’s a faculty for Business Administration, gave his thoughts on which party will win the midterms on Nov. 2.

Cerritos College students and faculty talked about the election and explained what party they think will win in the midterms.

Jerry Ramos, Faculty, Business Administration

“I think a new party will emerge, one that takes a bit from liberalism and a bit from conservatism.”

Edward Yates, Student, undecided

“If I had to guess, maybe, the democrats because they won last time.”

Omar Otega, Student, Automotive Technology

“Democrats, even though people don’t agree with Biden’s views right now, they don’t want Trump to follow up on his reelection promises.”

Amine Matauwhi, Student, Engineering

“It’s probably going to be the republicans because a lot of people are dissatisfied with the democrats and how the economy has been.”

Mark Rolman, Student, Undecided

“I think the Dems will hold onto the house, but the Republicans will take the Senate.”

Glena Mugulana, Student, Art

“I think the Democrats will take it, most of the people around me are pretty Liberal.”