Cerritos College
Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Grand slam win for Falcons softball

Catcher, Jessica Martinez, readies herself for for a pitch. She is on the receiving end of a strike thrown by pitcher, Jenny Navarro. Photo credit: Monique Nethington

In the bottom of the sixth inning, with a three run lead slip away.

Sophomore Jenny Collazo, stepped up with bases loaded and on the first pitch she swung and watched as the ball dropped outside of the fence for a game-winning grand slam.

At the top of the sixth inning the Tigers started with a RBI single to bring the score to 8-6, then opposing player Danielle Lop hit a grand slam bringing the total to 8-10, the Tigers got one more run in before the inning was over to bring the score to 8-11.

“Coming up to bat I knew I had a job to get done and my team is phenomenal at working hard to do their jobs at the plate, I wasn’t thinking I’m going to hit a grand slam I was thinking get on base and put faith in my team,” Collazo said.

“I was happy because I knew the whole game I was frustrated with my self because I didn’t get a good hit, to do that when your in a slump it feels so good, to hear everybody scream, and to put your team on top,” she added.

Collazo and the Cerritos Falcons made a comeback victory of 12-11 against the Riverside City College Tigers.

Head coach Kodee Murray said, “Collazo stepped up and hit the grand slam in the biggest moment of our season so far, last game our super player was Miti and every game it’s got to be someone else.”

In the top of the first inning Cerritos committed one of their three errors which led to the Tigers’ striking first scoring two runs.

The Falcons answered back by scoring one run each inning until the the fourth where they scored two runs.

At the end of the fifth inning the Falcons were up 8-5, but with a pitching change taking starting pitcher Jenny Navarro out and put pitcher Kristen Voll in.

Navarro said of her performance, “It wasn’t my best game i came in here and asked my pitching coach what can I do to bring my confidence up because I’m not feeling it, and he said you’re not always going to have a good game but just make the best of it.”

During the inning the Falcons decided to bring back Navarro and send Voll back, “it didn’t hurt me it just motivated me more, it was just an all around effect,” said Navarro.

“The game Navarro threw and the winning attitude she brought plus going two for two at the plate and running the bases was absolutely unbelievable what she did, I think Voll was squeezed at the plate her pitches were there and I don’t think we had good umpiring at the plate,” Murray said.

The women headed straight to San Diego to face CCCAA State Champions Palomar on Saturday, Jan. 30.

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Grand slam win for Falcons softball