Chaffey takes the edge over women’s swim team


Freshman Channon Owens gasps for a quick breath during the women’s 200-yard IM. Owens competed in two events on the day. Photo credit: Terrel Emerson

Briana Hicks

The women’s swim team suffers to another split victory, they went on to beat out East Los Angeles College (ELAC) and lost to Chaffey College.

They will compete Friday in the Pasadena Invitational.

On Friday, April 1 the women’s team barely beat ELAC by 20 points, but didn’t score enough points to get the edge over Chaffey, they lost by 31 points.

According to Desiree Estrada the vibe of the team was a little different at the meet.

She said, “one of our swimmers wasn’t swimming with us […] Valeria [Barboza], she’s like one of our really good swimmers.”

The team earned a lot of second and third place finishes at the meet. Channon Owens, finished second place in the 200-yard butterfly at 2:43.79, while Claudia Martinez placed second in the 50-yard freestyle at 27.75.

Martinez came in 15 seconds after Amber Ventura, a Chaffey College swimmer.

Estrada did admit that a lot of the women dropped time, and that the drop was really good for them.

In the 200-yard medley relay, Anna Herrera, Maria Figueroa, Owens, and Martinez finished the race in second place at 2:12.34.

In the final relay, the 400-yard freestyle, Owens, Estrada, Andrea Macapagal, and Martinez placed third at 4:15.82.

Head Coach Sergio Macias said, “if we were to swim our best today, we possibly could’ve won against both teams, but we didn’t […] The matchups were a bit different based on the events our swimmers swam against Chaffey.

“They kind of out dueled us in a few events, which is why they came above in points. Our depth and our swims are what got us past ELAC. So, we’re all good. We didn’t match up well against Chaffey, we matched up better against ELAC.”

The diving team did help the swim team boost up their overall total points. Divers Amanda Rabb and Aliah Richardson took the top two spots in the diving portion.

Rabb earned 133.50 points for first place, and Richardson earned 119.60 for second place. According to Richardson the divers are progressing […] and would like to stay where they are [in the top two spots].

Macias expressed, “But once we swim at the Conference Championship Meet where the events are different, we’re going to shoot to beat Chaffey and stay ahead of ELAC.”

The women’s next meet is Friday, April 8 at 8 a.m.