Falcons softball ride huge comeback to win game against OCC


Jackie Mena

No. 36 Tena Spoolstra at bat. Cerritos College won the game 8-7.

David Jenkins and Jackie Mena

The Cerritos College softball team played against the Orange Coast College Pirates Friday for their opening game, the Falcons came back to win it 8-7.

Coach Kodee Murray said, “Our sophomores stepped up today, Rain Vega, Briana Lopez, Emma Wolff [all] did a great job…I thought the team held together for their opening game.”

Naia Osorio from the Pirates hit a ball to right field, allowing Audrey Beck to score the first run for the Pirates leading the pirates to tie with the falcons in the first inning.

Falcon’s Deja Sendejas hit a run batted in and allowed Briana Lopez to score the first run for Cerritos.

Murray said, “I think we were a little nervous in the beginning, our pitcher gave up some home runs.”

In the second inning the Pirates gained a lead scoring four runs, as they got two homeruns from Bronwyn Jarv and Naia Osorio.

Also, in the second inning Cora Tyo hit a double, leading her to second base, paving the way for Jessica Scott to score another run.

Danielle Vots from the Pirates hit a home run hit giving way for Cora Tyo to score another run for their team. They ended the second inning with four runs, while making a huge lead over the Falcons, who scored no runs in the second inning.

In the beginning of the third inning the Falcons failed to catch up to the Pirates, who scored no runs, but they managed to keep the Pirates from scoring, keeping the Pirates at no runs and two hits.

In the fourth inning both teams were unable to score, with the Pirates still leading 5-1 over Cerritos.

Osorio scored her second home run in the fifth inning, causing the Pirates to lead 6-1 over the Falcons.

Falcons Pitcher Sierra Gerdts spoke about the team performance, she said, “I think we did good, we struggled a little bit in the beginning but towards the end we all came together and got base hit by base hit and we scored back.”

In the sixth inning the Falcons luck changed, as they managed to get the lead when they made a comeback and scored six runs in the sixth inning, which helped them get back in the game.

Andrea Villalta spoke about the team’s first game, “I think we did fantastic. The first couple innings we were warming up, players were nervous, with all the time we had losing we really came together in the 6th inning and really played as a team.”

Falcons players scored on walks because the pitcher for the Pirates were walking them. At the bottom of the 6th inning the Pirates had no runs and no hits. While the Falcons came back with two scores, allowing Lopez and Sendejas to both score, bringing the score closer at 5-7.

By the 7th inning it looked as if the pirates were out to gain back what they lost, as Audrey Beck scored leading to a tie.

The Falcons didn’t let that affect them, as they took the lead, going on to win it 8-7.

Villalta said, “We weren’t thinking about winning, we were thinking about coming together as a team, that’s what made our [game a] success today.”

Murray says the team has room for improvement, “We have to trust ourselves a little better, once we get comfortable putting on the uniform, we will be better.”

The Falcons play again on Jan. 30 at home versus Glendale.