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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Six blood-drenched days ahead

Blood was splattered across chapter four of American Horror Story: Roanoke as two significant deaths occurred.

Elias Cunningham, the writer that owned the old house, made his return in this episode trying to save Matt, Shelby and the home.

I enjoyed seeing O’ Hare in this role as it shows his versatility as an actor.

Last season he played the cross dressing Liz Taylor and the way he can easily transition from season to season is amazing.

Unfortunately, for fans of O’ Hare he may have made his last appearance this season.

Spoiler Alert: Cunningham gets killed attempting to get Flora back home to Matt, Shelby and Lee, who is in prison and is absent from this episode.

The horror series always does a great job providing a strong back story and this episode exemplified that to near perfection.

Kathy Bates showed how evil she can be as the Butcher.

In a number of flashbacks, the Butcher would have residents of the old home, which resides on the exact location of the lost colony, killed by having their limbs and body parts torn apart.

It was very visual and gruesome, even for AHS.

The viewers were also treated to Lady Gaga’s character and back story.

She’s a witch who made a spell to keep the colony in Roanoke for eternity, thus giving the Butcher total control of the land.

In another spoiler ahead, Cricket Marlowe, the psychic, made his return in an attempt to get Flora back home.

In a way he did, but he payed the price by having the most graphic death on the season so far.

Matt, Shelby and Flora made it back home safely, but now they’re in trouble as October has six days where there is a blood moon in which the dead colony can thrive on killing.

One of the other main points is saying the word ‘Croatoan’, a word that keeps the ghosts away, something to look out for in future episodes.

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Six blood-drenched days ahead