Cortéz’s art incites ‘a maze of direct and implied meanings’

Samuel Chacko, Contributor

The artist, Xavier Cázares Cortéz, did a great job when making his work and you should check out his art in the Art Gallery. When looking at the art, it’s a mixed bag of interesting drawings and quote drawings.

One of the better drawings was the drawing “Fin,” which is linked in this article. The drawing had “Fin” in fancy text while having some sort of traffic in the background. The next design was a close-up of an eye that looks amazing. Not only was he able to have an interesting picture to look at but the style is great, which was one of the best pieces on display.

Another drawing that was great was the “YES|NO” drawing that had a “Nike” style font while also having a clean look to it. The issue I had with this drawing was the background because the majority of the art had the same background color.

However, the issue was that the majority of the drawings was quotes like “Where The Fuck Did Monday Go?” The reason I had an issue with these quotes was that these catchy quotes were used in the majority of his work, with slight changes in background color or font.

Photo credit: Vincent Medina

One drawing that also piqued my interest, that was sort of in the genre, was the drawing “Once Upon A Fucking Time…” where it looks like it was from the 1800s or 1900s with style, which was interesting. The drawing had a mix of a cool aesthetic and has a background that is compelling to look at. This would be more interesting than the background that he used on the majority of his art (which is either white or one singular color) and had a different style than the majority of the catchy art he had.

The positive about these drawings is that it wouldn’t be surprising that anyone would hang this up on their wall and would pay money to buy a drawing like this. This art is not only sleek looking but it’s perfect to hang on your wall. The problem is that the majority of the art uses catchy phrases and only two deviated from that method.

The negative about the art, as a whole, was the use of the same background (in most of the drawings) and the use of writing quotes on the majority of the drawings as well. If there was a balance (between uses of catchy sentences and drawings) or if there was a quote with a cool background like “Once Upon A Fucking Time..”, it would’ve given the art more variety.

You should give this art a look for yourself and when you get the chance, go to the Fine Art section on Campus. Lastly, I want to say that Xavier Cázares Cortéz did an amazing job on the art and it was great to see! The drawing is a part of the Fall 21′ Art Series and the dates would be November 7th – November 20th, 2021.

Photo credit: Vincent Medina