Cerritos splits win with LA Valley in doubleheader

Playing a doubleheader, the Cerritos College baseball team had a split win with Los Angeles Valley College, losing its first game 4-1 and winning its second game 11-10.

In its first game, the Falcons’ only run came at the bottom of the first inning and were unable to score the rest of the game.

Outfielder Chris Esparza talked about the problems Cerritos faced in the game.

“Going into the first game we had confidence that we were going to swing the bat good, but defense wasn’t really there, our bats weren’t really there, we were just not focusing and not listening to coach,” he said.

The Monarchs managed to answer back with two runs and two hits in the top of the fourth inning.

Overall the Falcons had 6 hits and 1 error.

While the Monarchs had 5 hits and 1 error.

LA Valley pitcher Travis Cassidy, allowed 5 hits and no runs.

Cerritos’ pitcher Jacob Bell gave away 2 hits and 2 runs.

Pitcher Jared Gibson said, “It was pretty frustrating because we had so many chances to win.”

In the second game Cerritos was able to make a comeback, beating LA Valley by one run.

In the first couple of innings, LA Valley scored nine home runs, leaving Cerritos in the dust with zero.

In third inning, Cerritos was able to score six runs on three hits, slowly catching up to LA Valley.

LA Valley second base Marcel Chavez talked about what Cerritos did better in the second game.

“[Cerritos] stayed in it all nine innings and we sort of lost focus in the middle and towards the end.”

By the seventh inning, Cerritos fought for home runs, scoring five more home runs on two hits while Valley scored one run.

With some double outs, Cerritos was able to keep LA Valley from getting any runs in both the eighth and ninth inning, giving Cerritos the win.

Cerritos pitcher Cesar Chavez said, “When I went in to pitch in this game, I just knew I had to close it off right. They did all that work, I’m not going to let them do it for nothing.”

Cerritos’ next game will be away against Moorpark College on Thursday at 2 p.m.