Softball team working hard toward enhancing chemistry

Rocio Rodriguez and Rocio Rodriguez

The Cerritos College softball team has been hard at work this season with hopes of improving and bringing the team together.

Coach Kodee Murray explained that all games are important to the team, and are taken with the same amount of importance.

“I think they are doing a good job, ” said Murray.

Murray said that it’s almost a brand new team aside from a couple of returners.

Catcher Katie Caraballo said that the team had a rocky start but is working on getting better and fixing its weaknesses.

“Everyone pushes everyone to work together, ” explained Caraballo.

Shortstop Stephanie Olivas said that the team is getting the hold of things and is surely improving its game.

“We have been working on improving our hitting,” Olivas said.

Murray believes that it is important to work as a team and is currently working on getting the players to play as one.

“We have to learn to play together…we are almost a brand new team,” she said.

The softball team will face Glendale College on Wednesday and El Camino College Compton-Center on Thursday at Nancy Kelly Field.