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Another ‘Lil’ rapper with a noisy album

Illustrated by Sophia Gallego

Yet again, another C-list rapper, Lil Pump, shared to the world a terribly written studio album for the young generation as of Feb. 22, exemplifying how the greatness of rap music has practically come to an end.

Entitled ‘Harverd Dropout,’ the name definitely sounds similar to Kanye West’s album title ‘College Dropout.’ This shows how uncreative and non-distinct Lil Pump is.

It’s quite obvious that the album revolves around the rumor that he dropped out of Harvard University. So, his position through out the songs, as every other immature young rapper, is that he doesn’t need school and has been better off.

With a grand total of 16 songs, they all share the most odd and random names, with ad libs being played continually throughout each one, such as ”Vroom Vroom Vroom,” ”Nu Uh” and ”Esskeetit.”

”Eskeetit” and ”Gucci Gang” were previous singles that surprisingly became popular among listeners.

When naming songs, it’s suggested to be wise since it is the “sneak peak” that will further grasp the attention of fans. However, these titles are completely bogus, as well as the songs which share no passion at all within the lyrics.

Just like every other wannabe rap artist today, lyricism isn’t as important as it use to be with valuable messages to share.

As long as there is a catching beat with the mention of cars, money, drugs and girls, then it’s considered as “good” but really isn’t.

Most of the tracks on Lil Pump’s album, sound the same and share those similar characteristics. One song, for instance, that plays as a great example is ION featuring Smokepurrp.

“Left wrist cost a Bentley coupe. Drop ten Xans in Wonton soup.Your b*&%# give me top like a drop top coupe,” he raps in a verse.

Lil Pump is one of those artists whose music is exceptionally okay as long as they have a groundbreaking artist featured in a short verse, such as Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West, YG, Offset and Quavo from the group Migos, Lil Wayne and 2 Chains.

The only songs that would be given a thumbs up are obviously the guest featured ones.

The other songs sound as though they were last minute songs with repeated lyrics which becomes exhausting to hear.

Having said that, he hasn’t really switched up his sonic styling or baritone flow from his initial singles or his self-titled album debut of 2017 for his new effort.

According to Hypebeast and Genius, the album was originally suppose to be released on Sept. 14 of last year. But due to certain circumstances, it was pushed further away. This might explain why it seemed so rushed.

As just another young rap follower with idiotic face tattoos, his music isn’t worth wasting time to listen to. He is an example that justifies the reason why the hip hop community has awfully been overthrown by pop music.

Lil Pump’s sound is only noise that won’t last forever and will eventually be overthrown by more dreadful music.

Please bring back the actual sound that defines hip hop rather than allow for this unpleasant continuation of music.

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Another ‘Lil’ rapper with a noisy album