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Billie Eilish first album shows promise for successful future

Justin Higuchi/Creative commons
Billie Eilish performing live at The Hi Hat in Highland Park, Los Angeles, California, on Thursday, August 10, 2017.

Billie Eilish’s first album release, “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” proves that the 17-year-old is worth her salt in the music industry and shows a promising career if she doesn’t fall victim to the 27 club.

The album which was released on March 29 is comprised of 14 songs including four pre-released tunes, “Wish You Were Gay,” “You Should See me in a Crown,” “Bury a Friend” and “When the Party’s Over.”

“WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” is a testament to Generation Z, and gives these young, already-disillusioned souls something to contemporary dance to as the world as we know it continues to spiral down into destruction.


Audio representation of how Eilish is still that quirky girl-next-door despite her angsty lyrics that gives the listener the impression that Eilish is the lovechild of Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Radiohead and Morrissey.

Don’t let this impresion fool you, Eilish’s divine music mixing capabilities and haunting vocals puts this teen in the forefront of the Z Generation.

“Bad Guy”

The soundtrack to every angsty teen’s makeup routine as they dye their hair blue, apply black lipstick, bold eyeshadow and dramatic eyeliner. “Bad Guy” will have you bobbing your head to the catchy arrangement of vocals, beat drops and mean girl snapping.


Finally a trust fund lullaby to comfortably dissociate too to while taking designer drugs. All jokes aside, “Xanny” is not as pretentious as the title lends it to be, with the track being the perfect mix of subtlety and abrasiveness that makes you appreciate the teen’s talent for musical arrangement and make you question what you were doing with your life at 17.

“All the Good Girls go to Hell”

An anthem for self-proclaimed bad girls, you know the type of girls I’m referring to, the ones who like to selfies of themselves licking a knife and like to regard the devil as “daddy.” The perfect combination of nostalgia and modernity, as the mixing is reminiscent to that of early Britney Spears.


Eilish displays what a clever girl she is by including “8” as the eighth track, and altering her voice so it reflects the track’s title. If you’re a fan of the ukulele and beat drops, this track is it. The gentle melody of the ukulele coincides with Eilish’s angelic yet melancholic voice.

“My Strange Addiction”

Eilish made sure to cater to everyone in this album, including fans of “The Office.”

Everyone can appreciate this track for the “Threat Level Midnight” soundbites, which oddly work despite not having any contextual connection to the song lyrics.


Soft contrast tune, perfect for listening to while drifting of too sleep after experiencing a mental breakdown or existential crisis. Through this album, Eilish really did create a soundtrack for the lives of millennials and Generation Z-ers.

“Listen Before I Go”

Another gentle song, suitable for a good post-break-up cry that will leave you in all the feels. Eilish just purrs with her soft vocals in this track.

“I Love You”

The third song in row with an overall gentle tone, which create a perfect balance of upbeat and melancholic as Eilish cools it with the beat drops and vocal alterations, in this portion of the album.


This song sounds a bit redundant at this position in the album, as you’re hoping for a more upbeat tempo to get you moving after being left in the feels for the past three track. Unfortunately this song just seems to drop off and become an anticlimactic end to an overall great album.

Eilish shows promise and talent with her first full album release, and will undoubtedly produce more aesthetically pleasing albums in the future.


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Billie Eilish first album shows promise for successful future