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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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“Cellophane” consumes viewers with a heartfelt message of self-discovery

After 3 years of silence and a public break up with Robert Pattinson, FKA Twigs has returned to the music scene with a visually stunning single, “Cellophane.”

“Cellophane” isn’t your typical heartbreak anthem, with an artist like FKA Twigs who is known to showcase a stunning visual piece to complete her sultry lyrics, she did not disappoint.

The video opens up with Twigs behind curtains, preparing to enter the center stage as a faceless crowd applauds and cheers for the ethereal demeanor she presents.

As she approaches a dancing pole, her face displays a completely different story of what her audience desires to perceive.

You can see the look of despair upon her face as she puts on a performance that shows the strength, feminity, and grace of the female body.

She begins softly singing “Didn’t I do it for ya? Why don’t I do it for ya?” Giving viewers an insight into the deep pain she is trying to suppress while putting on a fierce show.

We dive into Twigs’ psyche as she is approached by a robotic-like creature at the top of the pole that transforms into a replica of her face.

She attempts to push the unfamiliar robotic doppelganger to the side, symbolizing the fear of fully accepting vulnerability and doubts within herself, to only get sucked in deeper by the entity.

The music video climaxes along with the melodramatic lyrics as she tumbles through a journey of falling, screaming and laughter as she is coddled with silk sheets, a symbolism of purity and hope in the midst of this cold heartbreak.

“All wrapped in cellophane, the feelings that we had” has been speculated to be about the public relationship between Twigs and Robert Pattinson that endured racist and harsh criticisms throughout the span of the three-year relationship.

She is cleansing herself of the hurt and pain while simultaneously changing as a human and enjoying the fall.

Fans resonate strongly with the visuals of the tiresome, yet necessary process that is dealing with a break-up to be able to fully find the inner-peace that humans long for.

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“Cellophane” consumes viewers with a heartfelt message of self-discovery