We Care


Quinae Austin, Staff Writer

Naturally you want to love everything about Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran because they are both so great.

Just like their new smash hit “I Don’t Care,” which is very catchy and unforgettable.

These lyrics are definitely ones to sing out loud in you car or anywhere.

This bro-mantic collaboration was right on time for both of them, seeing that they both have been low key lately, the track was so unexpected.

It is most certainly another summer anthem to be overwhelming played at barbecues and pool parties.

As we all could have probably guessed Sheeran wrote the song, but the lyrics fit more for Bieber considering he has been in the media lately speaking about depression.

The lyrics are down to earth and fitting for folks who seem to feel such a way.

The songs upbeat tempo is similar to Sheeran’s song “Shape of You,” a very fun and a pop fans ideal song.

Both artist use this record to describe being at a party, but wanting to leave because they are feeling lonely or having social anxiety.

But that certain special someone with them turns those feelings around and makes them feel loved.

The tempo is sort of the norm, it sounds like something we’ve all heard before but at the same time, it is surely the words that make it pleasingly different.

They’ve outdone themselves with this one, reminding listeners that it’s perfectly okay to want to spend the night in at home with someone you love rather than with alcohol and parties, and speaking positive affirmations is a great way to do it.

Bieber takes to Twitter telling fans and followers, “Hope everyone enjoys the music coming out tomorrow.

He hopes that this record makes people want to dance, sing, smile and most importantly DON’T CARE!