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‘Lover’ Wins The Heart of Fans

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Taylor Swift’s 7th album, released on Aug. 23, is a love letter to her fans, evident from the first song on the album.

The first song, titled, “I Forgot That You Existed” brings fans out of the tone set by her previous album, “Reputation.”

While “Reputation” carried a grieving tone, seemingly reminiscent of an open wound, “Lover” closes the book on that chapter, ushering fans out of that era into a rebirth of the whimsical and bright Swift of old.

Longtime fans will find themselves back in the era of the “Red” album, with each lyric feeling much like a splash of color on a fresh canvas.

Each subsequent song paints a picture with words, offering insight into Swift’s world unlike anything previously released by the artist in prior albums.

No longer are we given songs focusing on breakups and moving on from past lovers, instead we are treated to songs about Swift’s view of the world and her career. She embraces the

“Cruel Lover” tugs on heartstrings, feeling much like a desperate summer love that one can’t help but feel is doomed from the start. It expresses a beautiful declaration of love and a tragic cry for help in one breath.

“Paper Rings” sees Swift venturing into a rock inspired genre, as she invokes 80’s aspects that transports listeners to summer drives by the beach in a cherry red Corvette.

“Lover” also touches on the emotions Swift battles when on stage and in the public eye, evident in her song “The Man.”

“The Man” speaks to both the fans and critics alike , asking what they would think of her if she had made the same choices in life, only as a man.

Known for her numerous breakup songs, “The Man” speaks on how her many relationships would be viewed as an achievement had she been born male.She speaks on perception, and how the media has portrayed her as a result of her gender.

This leads into the second act of the album, in which Swift speaks on real world issues that have affected her throughout her career.

“Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince” is set in a metaphorical high school and speaks on societal views of politics and inequality.

Fans will find themselves feeling as if they’ve found someone who sees them for who they are, and as the song winds down they are slowly brought back to reality, ever aware of the noise that clouds how they are perceived.

“Lover” pays homage to Swift’s 2014 album, “1989,” with songs such as “ME!” as well as the titular song. Both songs conjure memories of simpler times where the only drama that one faced was a simple breakup.

The third act of the album is slow and peaceful, and is the most heartfelt that the artist has ever sounded, as her voice is unobstructed by instruments and is largely focused on the vocals.

The album ends with “Daylight,” seemingly reminding listeners that past damage and pain may not fade, but it by no means defines you, just as it does not define her.

Whilst the previous album ended with “New Year’s day,” a song that wrapped listeners in a dark cloak and took them down a moonlit road towards a somber end, “Daylight” invites listeners into the sunshine of the lyrics, ending on a bright and hopeful note.

“Lover” is in many ways Swift’s personal diary, handing the listener a key to the next chapter with each passing track.

New fans will find themselves welcomed to the album and music of Taylor Swift, whilst returning fans will find a joyful nostalgia in the return to music reminiscent of Swift’s pop debut.

“Lover” features 18 tracks and is available now, in four editions, each with a different poster and message from Taylor Swift, as well as a letter reminding you that you write your own story.

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‘Lover’ Wins The Heart of Fans