Gordita Eateries: Jade Siam’s Packing a Punch

From traditional Mexican caldos to Thai Tom Yum Soup


Rebecca Aguila

Jade Siams provides three levels of heat for their Po Tak Soup which is served in a silver shabbu pot.

Rebecca Aguila, Online Editor

Gordita Eateries checking in again, and this time I’m bringing some heat to this week’s food column. We’re heading to the southeast side area of Los Angeles in a little city called Huntington Park. This little Thai food restaurant is filled with smells that will enlighten your soul.

TM Rebecca Aguila
Jade Siam’s creates an atmosphere that makes it seem you are not in Huntington Park.

Jade Siam’s is located on the corners of Slauson and Pacific confined in a little plaza that is often filled because of Jades delicious cuisine. You’ll find many Latin families enjoying Asian inspired soups, noodles, and meats which is something quite beautiful honestly.

Po-Tak is one of their high demand soups that is served in a Thai Tomyum Shabu that is ignited in the center to keep the soup from getting cold.

It also called Spicy Combination Seafood Soup which is a Hot and Sour soup filled with delicious fish, shrimp, muscles, squid, imitation crab, green muscles, chunks of tomato, and spicy lemon juice. Its is then toppled with Mexican cilantro and slices of lemon grass.

White fluffy rice can always help out if you’re feeling hungrier than usual when eating this soup.

There are three levels of heat which for some reason add so much more flavor to the delicious broth. These levels of heart are not for the faint heart.

TM Rebecca Aguila
Jade Siams provides traditional soup cups to serve the delicious Po-Tak broth with fluffy white rice.

If ordering their maximum heat level, I advise of you ordering their famous Boba milk tea drinks to try and tame the numbing and fiery experience that is yet to come. The first bite is something that of eating one of Chief Wiggum’s Guatemala Insanity peppers and as you venture more, you’ll end craving every last bite of it.

As you keep eating, you’ll notice that even thought the broth is spicy, the flavor is extraordinary and warms you to core.

I believe that this a true staple of what Jade Siam’s can produce which allows you to get out of normal caldos or Mexican inspired soups at home.

Next up in the menu is Jade’s decadent Pad Thai noodles. This cuisine is traditional dish that is comprised of small rice noodles, bean sprouts, green onion, purple onion, peanuts and your choice of shrimp, chicken or beef.

As always, you can request to have a combination Pad Thai and the chef will include all three meats.

To complete this feast, their vegetable egg rolls are one of the crunchiest and mouth-watering pleasures ever. The egg rolls are served with a sweet and sour sauce toppled with green onion and an umbrella on the side.

TM Rebecca Aguila
Vegetable egg rolls with sweet and sour sauce drizzled with diced green onion

You’ll know you’re in the right spot once you enter the establishment and find the hanging umbrellas from the the ceilings. From the pleasing music to the waitresses who greet you with a smile, Jade Siam’s creates an atmosphere that almost anyone can surely enjoy