Honduras raised diver making strong impact

Juan Lopez, Juan Lopez, and Juan Lopez

Testing the waters physically and metaphorically, Cerritos College dive team member and biology major Luis Hasbun has had a very adventurous life, traveling throughout different parts of the world.

Hasbun was born in Marrero, Louisiana and was raised in Honduras where he attended high school.

“I grew up over there [Honduras]. My parents are Honduran, that’s where my whole family is,” said Hasbun.

“I’ve been to a few places. I’ve been to Finland before, Cuba, I’ve been on a cruise. I like traveling a lot, that’s one of the things I live for.”

Hasbun got into diving because he “always liked the water, ever since I was small. I always liked going to the beach, getting into an ocean and just playing in the water.”

He prepares by making sure he “eats right and is healthy for the day, so I can focus and be concentrated on what I’m going to do. Other than that it’s pretty easy, it’s a lot of fun. I do it for fun honestly, it’s my passion.”

Fellow diving teammate and counseling major Scott Robles said, “He’s a fun guy, he works hard during dive practice, and he’s a good friend to be around.

“He’s a good teammate, he always shows up to practice. I dive only because of him. He likes long boarding, he likes spiting fire and he’s really good at it, and he likes his dreads. He’s very smart and he’s on track.”

Hasbun said that he likes new experiences.

“I like going out hiking, pretty much any activity that involves the outdoors. Surfing, swimming, sky diving, scuba diving, just anything really. I’m always down for a new experience.”

He talked about his major influences in his life.

“My major influences would be my parents, friends, my uncle, family members. I really look up to my family members,” he said.

John Paul Del Los Reyes, engineering major and fellow dive teammate talks about Hasbun and what he is like. “He’s a really chill guy a really social genius, he’s pretty good at diving. He came in knowing nothing at all and now he’s got a couple of twists which is really hard in diving.

“I knew him through diving. One day he walked on the pool deck; this guy looked like any other guy, he learned how to dive and we learned how to dive together. He’s really good with people and he’s a funny guy.”