Swim and diving teams look to get off to hot starts

Carlos Mariscal and Carlos Mariscal

As the spring sports season approaches, the men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams look to get the most out of the 2013 season.

The women’s swimming team will prepare for its conference dual meets by participating in the the Palomar invitational and South Coast Conference Pentathlon during the first two weeks of February.

Head coach Sergio Macias hopes to get the most of each individual on the team and for his swimmers to achieve their personal best times by being dedicated all season.

“Our goal every year is to be competitive as an individual and as a team and hope to show some major improvement by the end of the season while competing for a conference championship,” he said.

Macias admits injuries are something he hopes to avoid.

“Trying to keep everybody healthy and injury free through the whole season is always an obstacle. Taking more than two consecutive days away from the pool is a major setback,” he added.

The men’s swimming team also looks to get off to a good start as it trains every day of the week as the season approaches.

Head coach Joe Abing believes that with hard training, all his swimmers should be at their best.

“We would like to all have personal best seasons which means we will need to swim faster then we ever have before,” Abing said.

Abing does note that he doesn’t want to “over train” his team to avoid any practice injuries. Weather may also be an issue as of late.

“We are also dealing with flu season and some cold weather. We got in the pool on Monday morning and it was in the 40s outside,” he said.

Diving coach Glen Myer is optimistic that his dive team will have a good season while putting his team through two-hour practices, five days a week in preparation for the season.

The Cerritos College dive team consists of seven men and two women, all whom are focused on doing their best this season.

“We need to add to our skills list and that will just come with hard work and tenacious focus, never allowing ourselves to miss a practice,” Myers said.

He also added, “Our toughest obstacle is bringing people with limited or no prior competitive experience into the stressful and unforgiving world of competition.”

The first diving competition is Feb. 15 at East Los Angeles College.