Women’s Water Polo disappoints at Chaffey Tournament


Christian Gonzales

Jenny Parra attacker shooting the ball on goal. Cerritos College won against Rio Hondo College 14-6. Photo credit: Christian Gonzales

Toni Reveles

Women’s water polo disappointed many at the Chaffey Tournament going 0-4 this past weekend.

The women played against Cypress College (final score 9-10), Riverside College (final score 7-21), Fresno City College (final score 10-12), and San Diego Mesa College (final score 6-12).

However, coach Sergio Macias was not that disappointed.

“I thought we made a lot of progress from our first tournament, a lot of missed opportunities, we are a very inexperienced team,” he said.

A lot of the women on the team felt they let two games slip away, those games being Cypress College and Fresno City College.

Attacker Lucila Davies said, “We could have won the last two. I feel like it was more of a confidence issue [more] than anything, so many missed opportunities to shoot.”

Attacker Janay Williams also felt that the team let two games slip away from them, “I feel like our focus was not in the right direction, I fee like we could have beat two of the teams we lost by two or three.”

Focus seemed to be an issue at the tournament.

Macias said, “There were times when there was lack of focus, that’s why I feel like we let two games slip away. We feel that some of our players have trouble making smart decisions when tired.”

Williams also felt that this tournament was more of a learning experience and showed what the team could to work on, “I feel like this weekend really pointed out our weakness of what we need to work on, shooting and defense.”

The team is now looking forward to moving along with its season.

With the team having an entire week off, the team is looking forward to working on its conditioning to prepare for the six games next week.

Macias said, “If we continue to progress, we could do well against El Camino, this week we will condition for our six games next week.”

Williams also feels that the team will perform better than the Chaffey tournament, “I think we’re going to do better and I think we could beat them (El Camino).”

Davies feels the same way saying, “I think we have a good chance, especially cause it is in our conference.”