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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Ryan Gosling Dazzles Audience In “First Man”

“First Man” basically made the movie “Apollo 13” look like a puppet-show compared to this compelling movie directed by Damien Chazelle.

On Oct. 12, “First Man” hit theaters to enchant movie-goers and fanatics on a journey into the life of the famous astronaut and engineer, Neil Armstrong.

Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong, who was one of the first man on the moon.

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“First Man” gave the audience a throwback in a time where NASA embarked on a scary mission to send the first human beings into orbit and onto the moon to conduct scientific research.

The trailer gives the audience a sneak-peak as to what to expect in this riveting dramatic, science fiction movie, even though it showed a lot of family issues, rather than cosmic exploration.

The promoters of the movie obviously did a great job as to fooling the audience with its trailer and delivered far more than expected with the full film.

Of course, everyone knows the story of Neil Armstrong and his journey to the moon, but have viewers pondered the idea on what the whole entire process was like?

The movie really gave the audience an insight on what the process was for prepping such a space odyssey and how this was a pivotal moment in human history

The movie also covers how Neil Armstrong coped with the loss of his daughter, Karen, who died from a brain tumor, while juxtaposing with NASA and his wife, Janet, played by Claire Foy, who was basically the rock of the Armstrong family.

The death of their daughter Karen leaves the couple emotionless while Janet Armstrong tries to keep the family grounded with Neil Armstrong’s process of going to the moon.

His long absence and risky mission affects his younger boys and Janet Armstrong builds up frustration at the fact the Neil Armstrong refuses to have a sit-down talk with his boys on how he may potentially not return home from his moon-landing mission with NASA.

This cosmic exploration film will also question loneliness while Gosling has these last-minute horrible thoughts on not being able to come back home in a mission that could ultimately leave him stranded on his death bed.

It gives viewers anxiety and puts the people in attendance at the edge of their seats while last minute and unthinkable moments happen right before the astronauts are leaving our of orbit.

If “Gravity” with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney intrested viewers, then “First Man” will by-pass them in this excellent space exploration movie that takes place in the late 50’s.

Take the time and see this movie to get an insight on what it was like being one of the first men on the moon.


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Ryan Gosling Dazzles Audience In “First Man”