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‘The Hate You Give’ shines a light on racial tensions

“The Hate You Give” is an amazing platform to speak out for those who cannot do so themselves who have been affected by racial tensions.

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The film directed by George Tillman Jr., depicts what it is like to try and deal with the aftermath of police brutality not only on a global scale, but how it affects day to day life for the people affected.

The movie is a 10 out of 10, as it depicts the struggles that go along with the fight for justice in an unequal society.

Audiences will leave wanting justice as this film highlights what our society is doing wrong and the effect it has on younger generations.

The main plot of this film is that the police are able to shoot first and ask questions later just because they believe a person with a darkened skin pigmentation is always carrying a gun and ready shoot fire back.

The film implements that police can simply use their words as they do with a person of a light pigment instead of racially profiling them as a criminal just from the color of their skin.

Amandla Stenberg gave an amazing performance as the protagonist Starr Carter drew in the audience and made them feel the pain and suffering caused onto her by the events taken place in the film.

Every scene Stenberg was a part of only enhanced, bringing the everyday negativity our society faces every day onto the big screen as she was joined by a cast of amazing actor and actresses, which include KJ Apa, Regina Hall, Common and Anthony Mackie to name a few.

Throughout the film the audience is reminded that the world they live in is filled with hate and will always present tension among racial discrimination.

It is well hidden that people of opposite color carry a dislike for one another that is shown from the start of the movie.

Small references to this are within the opening scene where Carter has a large collection of Jordan basketball shoes, she then goes to school where everyone looks at her shoes weirdly.

Her boyfriend, who is white, wears the same shoes as Carter and acts “black” until it is brought to light a few minutes from the start of the film.

Despite the ever present hatred for one another throughout the film, the tone of the film is set to sympathize with the protagonist as she fights for justice in a corrupt society.

The music used for the film was released by Def Jam Record and featured tracks from artists of new school and old school. For instance, rapper Logic and going as far back as tracks from Tupac.

This film focuses heavily on African-American cultures, with some modern and old aspects of music being mixed, which served as a pleasant reminder of what these artists work stand for in our society.

From Logic leaving a positive message of peace, love and positivity to Tupac teaching life lessons and the struggles of being an African-American.

The film throws in real life cases of these events in the moving actually happening and is urging its views to wake up and look at the world for what it really is. Also leaving a message of how we can change as a society and learn from our mistakes.

In the end, “The Hate You Give” is a movie that will have the audience woke by the time you leave the theater and asking yourself.

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Christopher Martinez
Christopher Martinez, Sports Editor
Christopher Martinez is currently the sports editor for Cerritos College’s Talon Marks. He hopes to transfer to Cal State Dominguez Hills or Cal State Long Beach and obtain his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. His dream is to also receive his master’s in journalism from USC and to work as a Sports Data Journalist for either ESPN, Bleacher Report, or Fox Sports.
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‘The Hate You Give’ shines a light on racial tensions