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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Life Size 2: the most dullest film of the year

Freeform has ended their sequence of great films.

On Dec. 2, Freeform released a sequel to the famous 2000’s film “Life Size” in which Lindsay Lohan portrays a young girl who brings her doll, Eve, to life played by Tyra Banks, but it was the weakest and the most boring idea of this year.

The first film still holds much popularity, such as on the Disney Channel, Banks returned, but unfortunately Lohan did not.

In “Life Size 2: A Christmas Eve,” the new character to replace Lohan is “Grownish’s” Francia Raisa, who instead steps in to play Grace who is the young CEO for a toy company that manufactures the Eve doll. She needs help from the doll to find her heart, the meaning of Christmas, a boyfriend and her mom.

The film is completely filled with nostalgia for mille

nnials, with a tad of ‘wokeness’ for the Z generation.

The idea of the film is ridiculous and the final product begins hilariously awful with scenes that span from Banks rapping to a criminal conspiracy.

Similar to the first film, the doll comes to life through some sort of voodoo resurrection and a song about ‘shining bright, shining far, and being a star.’ However, there is some conclusive adjustments to the whole formula.

One example would be when Grace wakes up alongside some woman laying in her bed, thinking instead that she probably blacked out and hooked up with her.

Since Freeform decided to make a Christmas-themed film, they, of course, had to include a sequence set in a park where Grace meets an incredible hunk.

Obviously every detail is following a Hallmark’s formula to a Christmas film, especially since it goes into an emotional meeting between Grace and her estranged mother.

When it comes to the terribly poor scenes, the top one is when the “Woke” Eve doll is introduced, and Banks trying to be the next Cardi B, but without the rap skills.

But it’s all good since it’s Christmas, right? It’s perfectly fine to leav the past in the past if it’s all nostalgia. However, there are a few good references and moments, but without a doubt, the film is quite meaningless.





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Life Size 2: the most dullest film of the year