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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Netflix’s “Paris Is Us” brings an emotional authenticity in modern French cinema

Netflix premiered “Paris Is Us” on Feb. 22 as one of its latest foreign-language drama features and it is a uniquely well done production that delivers an emotional authenticity to the audience.

“Paris Is Us” debuted on the online streaming service with a unique concept of a film featuring romance, emotion and political current events.

The film’s execution of its production was well done.

The plot felt relevant of today’s political current events which featuring real-life event footages such as the march in solidarity, Charlie Hedbo and the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks.

By featuring these footages, the audience could feel as if they were part of these difficult times as the main protagonist and the French.

Throughout the entire film, there were a lot of visual imagery and monologues that the audience could understand how the protagonist is going through mentally.

There are many hidden messages and symbolisms that contributed with these visuals and imagery that viewer could feel on being in a trance.

Mental health was one of the main highlights that the film demonstrated, we could see how the main character changes her mood from being deeply in love to being completely isolated.

TM Eunice Barron

The combination of emotion and mental health spoke out loud on its own since these are topics that many young people struggle in today’s society.

Loss was the probably the main highlight of the entire film since the main characters dealt with a breakup and then a death which lead into isolation and a emotional rollercoaster.

Including the film’s title, “Paris Is Us,” symbolizes a double meaning on the main character’s romantic relationship combined on with the frightening real-life events that the country is going through.

“Paris Is Us” takes place in Paris in which Anna, played by Noemie Schmidt, and Greg, played by Gregoire Isavarine, develop into a romantic relationship after meeting at a rave.

Throughout their relationship, both face differences between them and breakup.

Greg plans to travel to Barcelona and suffers an plane crash accident in which there are no living survivors.

As tensions and terrorists rise in Paris, Anna begins to question her former boyfriend’s death and begins to experience a turbulent emotional rollercoaster.

Throughout the whole film, Anna’s memories of her relationship with Greg comes back and forth while her living in the present with an uncertain future ahead of her.

Noemie Schmidt did an amazing performance on capturing the character’s great and confusion.

This tragic drama definitely brought out important topics of conversations for everyone to consider on not only about mental health but also on improving our society.


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Eunice Barron, Co-Online Editor
Eunice Barron is a staff writer for Talon Marks and a multimedia journalism major at Cerritos College. She is an entertainment and political media enthusiast. She hopes to transfer to Cal State Fullerton to obtain a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Communications. Her dream job is to be a political journalist for the New York Times, Los Angeles Times or NBC Universal.
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Netflix’s “Paris Is Us” brings an emotional authenticity in modern French cinema