Netflix’s The Perfect Date demonstrates the importance of being yourself

Eunice Barron

Netflix premiered “The Perfect Date” on April 12, overall it was decent and despite of having a predictable storyline, it highlighted an important message for young people to take note about, the importance of being yourself.

“The Perfect Date” is one of Netflix’s latest Rom-Com movies that is part of the online-streaming services’ growing genre of teen-flicks and by featuring one of its leading heart-robs, Noah Centineo.

The movie had a decent story for a teen romantic-comedy despite of having minor flaws such as having a predictable plot line.

Centineo’s character, Brookes Rattigan falls for the popular girl, Shelby Pace played by Camila Mendes and while being paid to be Celia Lieberman’s played by Laura Marano, pretend boyfriend while trying to save money in order attend his dream college.

Brookes’ attraction for the popular girl is a typical cliche for any male character to have in a teen movie.

He also tries to pursue Shelby on asking her out on a date and dreams on hopefully becoming her boyfriend.

Brookes believes that money and dating “the perfect girl” will bring him happiness.

The irony of Centineo’s character development throughout the movie is that he slowly realizes that these materialistic things does not bring true happiness.

While all of these materialistic things may seem great and ideal for Brookes.

The audience can clearly see how all of these things steal his true identity and loses the people he cares about along the way.

This is where the importance being yourself message is highlighted especially for young people in the age of social media where appearances seem to be important.

The movie seemed to perfectly portray and explore the topic of instability of adolescent identity especially in today’s modern era.

Centineo’s performance was great on portraying the character’s journey of self discovery and identity.

His character demonstrated a perfect message that it is important to be yourself and that you cannot have everything in life.

Brookes’ false appearance of being wealthy is clearly a reflection of today’s day of age mentality.

“The Perfect Date” takes place in a high school setting where Brookes Rattigan, dreams on attending the prestigious Yale University.

Despite of his father’s wishes on him attending to the University of Connecticut, Brookes does not have the funds to go to Yale.

While working in a sub shop, his friend Murph, played by Odiseas Goergiadis, programs an app where Brookes offers non-sexual services as a pretend boyfriend in order to make enough money for college.

One day he seizes the opportunity to make extra money by posing as the boyfriend of Celia Lieberman, he then unexpectedly develops feelings for Shelby Pace where things get complicated from there.

“The Perfect Date” is based on The Stand-In by Steve Bloom published back in Oct. 2018

Beside of Noah Centineo’s charming presence, the movie’s moral message is what stood out the most.