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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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‘After’ is every college girl’s fantasy

After is every college girls fantasy
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One of the most talked about romantic drama films of the year, “After” premiered on April 12 in theaters everywhere and it’s sexy, steamy and surprisingly good.

The story is basically every college girl’s fantasy of their ideal romance where they fall in love with an irresistibly handsome bad boy.

“After” tells the story of Tessa Young, played by Josephine Langford, as she starts her freshmen year in college, she meets the mysterious bad boy Hardin Scott, played by Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, both eventually start a sensual and turbulent relationship.

This movie was obviously targeted towards young adult girls in which was no surprise and it worked on attracting its main audience.

There are some themes in the storyline that most people may view as cliche, but the film did a great job on visually portraying the relationship between the two main characters.

The movie was well scripted and the actors did a good job of portraying the character’s emotions.

Langford’s performance was amazing and knew how to portray her character well by demonstrating her true feelings of first love.

Fiennes-Tiffin is now 2019’s new favorite leading man and dream boyfriend.

Beside of being irresistibly handsome, he definitely did a great performance on playing the part as the dreamy bad boy well.

Both Langford and Fiennes-Tiffin had amazing onscreen chemistry that was too good to be true and felt realistic.

One huge eye-opener that this movie was the topic of toxic friendships and betrayal.

While there are several controversies since its beginnings as an online fan-fiction series, the movie featured and focused on how some friendships can be not only toxic but abusive.

Throughout the storyline, Long experiences a lot of betrayals and how harmful this brings to her emotional health.

These type of topics are an example that most young people go through today and can probably visually learn based on a third-person point-of-view.

With the release of” After,” the movie demonstrates that the new adult genre is taking over the current young adult generation by turning online fan fiction stories into motion pictures.

“After” is the on-screen adaptation of the adult fiction novel of the same name written by Amanda Todd.

Before becoming into a novel, Todd began writing “After” on the reading app, Wattpad, and its storyline was based on Harry Styles from the English boy band, One Direction back in 2014.

Todd’s online series became one of the most talked online stories in which she eventually changed the character’s original names and was published into a popular novel series.

It has not yet been confirmed if a potential sequel is in the works but overall every college girl should go watch this movie.

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Eunice Barron, Co-Online Editor
Eunice Barron is a staff writer for Talon Marks and a multimedia journalism major at Cerritos College. She is an entertainment and political media enthusiast. She hopes to transfer to Cal State Fullerton to obtain a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Communications. Her dream job is to be a political journalist for the New York Times, Los Angeles Times or NBC Universal.
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‘After’ is every college girl’s fantasy