‘Someone Great’ is not your cliche breakup movie

Marilyn Parra

“Someone Great,” is a movie that caters to all women and men dealing with relationships and most importantly gives a realistic look into the hardships of ending a relationship in a funny way of storytelling.

The movie focuses on three women who live in New York City dealing with relationship and personal problems within their friend group. Jenny, played by Gina Rodriguez struggles to find herself after ending her nine-year relationship with her boyfriend.

Not only does it revolve around an intimate relationship, but this movie also touches on friendships entering adulthood. The trio of friends each have their own personalities that fit perfectly, Erin (DeWanda Wise) is free-spirit and Blair (Brittany Snow) is calm and likes to play things on the safe side but throughout the movie, her character can be hypocritical.

Netflix has so many romantic-comedies out there but “Someone Great,” sets them apart from the cliche corny movies. This movie is realistic and anyone watching either connects or knows someone who has dealt with a break-up.

Jenny struggles to forget about her ex-boyfriend and tries to make the night about her and the great things about to come in her life, through all the mess she realizes that growing up changes many relationships and finding yourself come first.

If anyone is looking for the typical break-up then get back together movie then this is not for them. What makes this movie great is that Jenny and her boyfriend both go their own ways.

Although the movie touches on realistic feelings and regrets after a breakup some events were a bit too much and somewhat of a drag.

In the beginning, both Erin and Blair want to help Jenny say goodbye to her 20’s and go through a wild goose chase to get exclusive party tickets, drugs and outfits. These scenes were okay at first but continued making it corny.

In the end, everyone can learn a lesson or two from this movie. It’s good to see a fun and somewhat romantic movie on Netflix that does not have a cliche ending.