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Rose Buds: Celebrating with only the good stuff

Rebecca Aguila
“Rose Buds” is a cannabis-friendly column intended for readers 21 years and older. We encourage only legal and responsible enjoyment of all cannabis products.

Happy 420, Buds!

In the effort to find decent brands and dispensaries to shop from while following stay at home orders, Rose Buds is here to help all our cannabis enthusiasts get their celebration started with some hand-picked weed favorites.

For starters, anyone and everyone celebrating 420 right now should definitely already have the app Weedmaps downloaded into their phone.

The app conveniently shows the user all featured brands, top deals and nearby dispensaries at a glance.

Users can also order and receive their legal cannabis products within the safety and comfort of their own home.

At first the app is a bit overwhelming due to just how much is shown but once the user gets the hang of it, it becomes a pocket essential.

On Weedmaps, reviews are available at a glance. So, let’s get started with some Rose Buds reviews for top brands.

Leaf and Lion

Leaf and Lion is a cannabis brand and dispensary located in Long Beach that specializes in not only providing their customers with safe, legal cannabis products but also providing a “one-stop resource center for information on how to heal, feel and live better too” as said on their website.

Not only is the dispensary close by and reliable, but the employees always offer excellent service and are always ready to answer your cannabis-related questions.

Leaf and Lion offers many different products, ranging from edibles such as Mexican Coke with THC in it and a wide selection of quality “flower” to choose from.

Each jar of flower is clearly labeled depending on their type: Indica, Sativa or Hybrid.

The prices in Leaf and Lion might possibly be higher compared to other nearby brands, especially because of taxes in Long Beach, but overall the customer is paying for high quality and it is definitely worth it.

Raw Garden

This brand is known for serving high quality, clean cannabis and happens to be a fan-favorite concentrate to enjoy.

Raw Garden is definitely one of the most popular brands one would see when wanting to dabble in the concentrated alternative to cannabis.

In fact, they 100% believe in using freshly harvested cannabis to create a top-rated concentrate which always ensures that you’re going to get the high that you’re looking for.

The recommended concentrate strain to try is the “Dosi Punch” which is a hybrid of two other strains called “Dos Y Dos” and “Purple Punch.”

This sweet-smelling strain is Indica-dominant, so one would expect more of a “body high” but then a hint of a “cerebral high.”

Jungle Boys

The multi-award winning cannabis brand is known for their top quality cannabis and a multitude of colors found in their marijuana strains: oranges, purples and lots of green.

Jungle Boys has two locations in California, one being in East Los Angeles which features a growery that you can see once entering the building, and the other being in Downtown Los Angeles right off of the Metro Blue Line.

The top strains to smoke are their heavy indicas, which usually start off at $15 a gram.

The best to roll up in a joint is their “Wedding Pie” which is an Indica-dominant strain with a THC potency of about 20%.

“Wedding Pie” will definitely keep your moods balanced if you’re looking to relax after a long day of working at the office or, perhaps, writing a news article.

Moxie 710

Moxie 710 is known more for their “pharmaceutical” approach to ensure that everyone gets the respectable and high quality experience in their varieties of cannabis products.

They use what’s called a “Laboratory-Grade Three-Step Process” which is a pharmaceutical grade technological piece of equipment that ensures a clean and top quality cannabis product.

The products are quite expensive with prices starting at about $40 a gram for their concentrate but it’s definitely worth the quality.

The recommended concentrates to try are “Wedding Cake” and “Sundae Driver” which are their most popular.

They have a sweet taste once one takes in that first inhale and it definitely leaves light orange and banana taste. It’s like a tropical smoothie!


This brand is the most popular when it comes to those who enjoy smoking vapes and pens and it honestly has earned its praise and recognition.

STIIZY offers a variety of different batteries and pods that are very easy to maintain and use.

For example, a STIIZY pen battery can be charged with a basic Android charger and fully charges within an hour.

Surprisingly, the pods are also long-lasting! One gram can last someone about 2-3 weeks, even if they smoke every day.

The downside is that a STIIZY pod can be expensive, with prices starting at about $45 a pod; however, and not to sound like a broken record, the prices are 100% worth it.

The recommended pods to try are the “Skywalker OG Premium” and the “Pineapple Express Premium.”

“Skywalker OG” is a potent mix of “Skywalker” and “OG Kush” and is definitely great for those experiencing stress, depression, pain, insomnia and lack of appetite.

Think of this strain as a “healer” as it helps those who consume it relax and makes the world just a little bit easier.

“Pineapple Express” is a newfound favorite and is a Sativa-dominant hybrid.

This strain definitely offers the more energetic high and allows those who consume it to have it a little fun and explore their creativity.

That is all for our top picks! Rose Buds would again like to wish their readers a happy, safe, legal and responsible celebration of 420.

Have fun, Buds!


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Kianna Znika, Editor in Chief
Kianna Znika is the current Editor-in-Chief for Talon Marks and previously worked as the News & Community Editor. Her goal is to work for any publication that values nature, mental health, community and the overall wellbeing of others. When she's not working on a news story or sharing her unfiltered opinion with the world, she enjoys reading/writing, hanging out with friends, and taking care of her dog, geckos, and indoor plants.
Rebecca Aguila, Multimedia Editor
Rebecca Aguila is the currently Multi-media editor and is a 22-year-old student who is majoring Journalism who is set to graduate Spring 2021. Her dream is to create a multi-media production company that is internationally available for an array of content creators. She is a lover of all types of food and will eventually be the creator and producer of food documentary series that highlights the authentic dishes throughout the world.
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Rose Buds: Celebrating with only the good stuff