‘Tenet’: An exciting but convoluted ride, fitting with this year’s madness


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Tenet is the 23rd film that Christopher Nolan has made. With critiques praising the film with its special effects and outstanding acting.

Jacqueline Cochran, Community Editor

“Tenet,” a Christopher Nolan film, is the first blockbuster to be released in theaters mid-pandemic, promising to take you on an exciting ride of intrigue, mystery, and action and that’s exactly what it does.

The film stars John David Washington as the protagonist, a secret agent who is trying to save the entire world, although it’s difficult to understand who or what is the threat that he is saving the world from.

The first 30 minutes sets the tone of the film and where we find out that Tenet is the name of the secret group, like the CIA, that the character finds himself working for.

As the world’s savior, the protagonist weaves in and out of the film canvas, traveling from one exotic place to another including Mumbai.

With spy-like precision, the protagonist finds out that the mystery is deeper and more intertwined than even he realized. One main theme of the film is his ability to invert time and equipment, like guns and bullets, as seen in trailers. The past and present often collide as he uses this practice to try to change things that have already happened.

Kenneth Branagh plays Sator, the antagonist of the film, and does an excellent job of creating dislike for his character.

The protagonist and Sator are locked in a battle of wits as they both attempt to outsmart the other with the inverted time travel. Sator’s wife, portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki, is a beautiful damsel in distress and perfect for the protagonist to save.

A standout scene is where the protagonist and his partner, played by Robert Pattinson, scale a wall backward in one fell swoop. Nolan’s visual depictions, film locations, and stunts are part of the reason why this is a sold-out hit.

Audiences say they were entertained but some were confused.

Juan Garcia, a moviegoer, said “This reminds me of ‘Matrix’ except ‘The Matrix’ made more sense.”

Another movie attendee, Julie Williams, said “I liked the movie but struggled with the dialogue at times. Plus, I wasn’t sure what he was trying to accomplish.” Norma Garza said, “I think its a lot like a James Bond movie but different.”

Not very many movie theaters in Los Angeles County have re-opened due to COVID-19 amid the need to remain socially distanced.

Miguel Soto, said “I enjoyed Tenet. I’m just so happy to see a movie on a big screen.”

You can grab the family and head on over to the drive-in to see “Tenet.”

Old school viewing combined with a new school blockbuster is worth seeing if you enjoy mystery, intrigue, and some action.