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Marvel’s dark side worth the money, ‘Venom: Let there be Carnage’ review

Carnage in the film “Venom: Let There Be Carnage.” Photo credit: Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment/TNS

Venom Let there be Carnage delivers to fans a PG13 film that borders on an R rating. It felt as if fans were watching Marvel’s dark side which is something rarely seen from Marvel.

Marvel fans get their money’s worth and more with this Marvel film. Audiences see Venom’s symbiotic personality develop alongside his host Eddie Brock, as the two go through a form of relationship problems.

Beyond the first Venom film, the audience can expect another case of Marvel delivering to its fans again. Disney’s partnership with Sony and Fox allows endless possibilities for Marvel’s future projects.

Simply the imaginable dreams Marvel fans once had years ago for films becomes a reality and on the big screen. Venom Let there be Carnage opens the door to just that.

I strongly recommend this action-packed film to all my fellow marvel fans and give it an eight out of ten, as we see Venom’s anti-hero personality be the protector amongst evil in San Francisco.

Actor Tom Hardy simply plays Eddie Brock better than anybody, and alongside his companion symbiote Venom. Tom Hardy and Venom gave us a solid performance that made the audience laugh, relatable, and cheer.

Venom’s sarcastic personality lightened the mood for the audiences despite this being one of Marvel’s darkest films. Carnage sets the bar for any other Marvel villain fans have ever seen on the big screen.

Woody Harrelson’s performance as Cletus Kasady is phenomenal. Installing the presence of fear into the audience as a psychotic serial killer was needed to make this a solid Marvel film.

Serial killer Cletus Kasady, an inmate in solitary confinement, demands he is only willing to talk to Eddie Brock, a struggling journalist who shares his body with the symbiote Venom. Brock is then brought in to get a one-on-one exclusive interview with Cletus.

Cletus’s rough childhood caused by his abusive father led to his early sinister career and landed him in a children’s home for unwanted kids. Cletus is abused by the other kids in the shelter but is saved by a girl by the name of Frances Barrison, also known as Shriek played by Naomie Harris.

Naomie Harris’s role as Shriek delivered to fans as the right choice, one the audience were able to catch on to her role and how she interacted with other characters within the movie.

Shriek the lover of Cletus Kasady, in the comics, Shriek is a villain and Mutant able to produce supersonic shrieks which makes the symbiotes vulnerable to her powers. Shriek is sent to the home of unwanted children due to her mutant-like powers.

As years go by both Cletus and Frances develop a relationship in the shelter and are both held in separate rooms within the shelter.

Frances is then escorted to be relocated to solitary confinement away from Cletus due to her mutant abilities. A heartbroken Cletus begins to cry out as Frances is being escorted by police.

The two psychotic lovers, now separated and unaware of each other’s whereabouts present-day are left to rot out their days locked away from civilization.

Brock’s exclusive interview with Cletus led to the discovery of a long-lost case of the missing bodies of people Cletus murdered, thanks to Venom’s memory of the illustrations inside Cletus’s cell.

Brock’s journalist career is revived and Cletus is set for the death penalty and invites Eddie for a front-row seat to his execution in which Eddie declines his offer. Cletus, now pissed off at Eddie, talks down to him while in his cell aggravating Venom.

Venom unleashes himself and begins to attack him, and Cletus bites Eddie’s hand leaving a trace of symbiote behind.

Venom and Eddie go through a phase of bondage issues, as Eddie has now realized he wants to live a normal peaceful life without Venom wanting to bite the heads off of everyone.

Eddie and Venom get into an argument, which escalates into a fight and leads to Venom’s symbiote leaving Brock’s body after trashing his apartment.

Venom Let there be Carnage felt like it was Marvel’s darkest comic book-based film, for being rated PG13 it pushes the limit and did its best to be as dark as possible and at the same time appropriate for all Marvel fans to enjoy.

Be sure to plan bathroom breaks accordingly and stick around for all the action-packed scenes during the film.

The best non-fight scene truly comes in the post-credits.

The mind-blowing reaction to the post-credits will have you leaving the theaters in excitement and shock for what lies ahead for Marvel films in the future.

If you plan on watching Spider-Man No Way Home, be sure to see this film first on the big screen before it’s too late.

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Roman Acosta, Sports Editor
Roman Acosta is the Sports Editor for Talon Marks, This will be Roman’s second semester on the Talon Marks Staff. Roman is also an assistant football coach at John Glenn High School (Norwalk CA) as well as a sports photographer who is a Journalism Major. Roman is a fan of Marvel/DC movies and comics. Roman enjoys watching Baseball, Football and other highly competitive sports. Roman would be interested in becoming a sports photographer or journalist in his future.
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Marvel’s dark side worth the money, ‘Venom: Let there be Carnage’ review