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Eternals establishes foundation towards next phase of MCU

Ikaris (Richard Madden) in Marvel Studios’ ETERNALS. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: courtesy of Marvel Studios

Marvel Eternals paves the way for the future of Phase Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Director Chloe Zhao does an amazing job introducing a new and progressive pathway to expanding new characters to Marvel Studios.

Overall the film has a solid six out of ten rating amongst other films in the MCU. There was a diverse cast of heroes that brought the film to life.

Marvel Studios has already reached many milestones in their franchise, to a point where no matter what comic-book-based movie releases the audience will enjoy every time.

The two-and-a-half-hour film has the audience glued to their seats from beginning to end, in search of easter eggs to previous Marvel films. Previous films had the ability to puts a smile on your face when watching them, if you understood the film studios timeline sequence of movies.

Marvel fans don’t want to miss this movie while it is in theaters. Although this film is not a in the top ten Marvel films, fans enjoyed seeing the addition of new faces to the franchise.

The Eternals character’s powers showed similarities to some of the heroes in the DC universe. Ikaris played by Richard Madden had the most similarities to DC’s Superman powers in the film.

Thena, played by Angelina Jolie, this character is presented with the impression as a broken-down Wonder-Woman dealing with personal matters that affect her memory. Kumail Nanjiani who portrays Kingo steals the show with his very comedic acting making audiences laugh many throughout the film.

Brian Tyree Henry who plays Phastos introduces Marvel’s first gay superhero throughout the film so naturally, it felt as if it wasn’t forced to please members of the LGBTQ+ and it portrayed accurate representation to represent members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Eternals have a perfectly blended and diverse cast was that worked together. Complaints circulated regarding a sense of forced diversity amongst audiences before the film hit the big screen.

General audiences who criticize a “woke” forced diversity and representation cast in today’s films and tv shows need to give this film a chance. Of course, they are not watching the Avengers, so you need to keep your expectations at a balanced scale anticipating this film’s action scenes early and throughout the entire film.

Aside from other Marvel films Eternals kicks things off with an early action scene with members of the Eternals fighting Deviants, who appear to look similar to Kijus seen in other Monster-related films.

Throughout the film, constant flashbacks take us back to prior events that members of the Eternals have experienced during their time on earth. A similar experience in another marvel film was Captain Marvel where the film jumps back to past events to the present day that leads up to the very end of the plot of the film.

There was disappointment that the film did not incorporate any hints about the most anticipated Marvel film this year which is Spider-Man No Way Home. Several scenes take place in present-day London which is exactly where we last left off in Spider-Man Far From Home.

This film establishes a foundation into phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which makes it definitely worth the watch, despite this film not being Marvel’s best.

Like any other Marvel film you can expect a post-credit scene, there are two, one mid-post-credits and another at the very end of the credits.

Marvel introduces a widely known icon Harry Styles, who will play Starfox and joins up with the Eternals in the first post-credits scene.

The second post-credits features a voice that is unrevealed and rumored to be a new character coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Be sure to give Eternals a chance and watch it on the big screen soon.

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Roman Acosta
Roman Acosta, Sports Editor
Roman Acosta is the Sports Editor for Talon Marks, This will be Roman’s second semester on the Talon Marks Staff. Roman is also an assistant football coach at John Glenn High School (Norwalk CA) as well as a sports photographer who is a Journalism Major. Roman is a fan of Marvel/DC movies and comics. Roman enjoys watching Baseball, Football and other highly competitive sports. Roman would be interested in becoming a sports photographer or journalist in his future.
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Eternals establishes foundation towards next phase of MCU