The Envelope, a Podcast: The art of the break-up (Benji’s break-up)

Monique Nethington: We’re here on The Envelope with (multimedia editor and columnist) Benji Garcia and Jenny Gonzalez (opinion editor) and my name is Monique Nethington (sports editor); and I’m the girl that you see in all the pictures for The Envelope, wearing the same green jacket all the time-

Benjamin Garcia: Sunglasses-

Monique: Sunglasses and cigarette; everything that is pretentious, brooding and tortured-soullike that you can have.

Jenny Gonzalez: Which is essentially the college experience.

Benjamin: So, okay, I officially became single on the eighth and then-

Monique: Hey, I love how he has the date.

Chantal Romero: “We became Facebook unofficial.”

Benjamin: No, it’s cause like we broke up three times but apparently one break-up wasn’t enough we had to do it two more.

Jenny: And the third one was official.

Benjamin: So, I haven’t talked to him since the seventh…

Jenny: But how did you know the relationship ended on the eighth if you talked to him on the seventh?

Benjamin: Now I have to tell the story… Okay, so I was having some mental issues that I never experienced before and then my former boyfriend was scared of me so he was like ‘I think I need some time to recuperate‘ and then that week…I know, my mental illness makes him suffer guys.

Jenny: Wow…

Benjamin: Anyways-

Jenny: How supportive-

Benjamin: Okay, so we were supposed to go to an art show and then, like, I didn’t hear back from him so I was like oh okay, it’s over.

Jenny: So, like, that’s it? You didn’t text him and he didn’t text you?

Monique: How anticlimactic.

Jenny: So it’s been gone…

Chantal: So how did you get closure?

Benjamin: I got closure by writing a column about it.

Chantal: Awesome. So everybody gets to read about-

Jenny Gonzalez: Was it this one, “the Art of the Break-up“?

Benjamin Garcia: Yeah, so in Love & Sex: The Art of the Break-up, I talk about how I hydrated, I drank some lemonade.

Monique Nethington: He drank lemonade everybo…That’s how you get over a break-up, is you drink lemonade and you play Lemonade at the same time.

Benjamin Garcia: And I really, like. okay, TBH though…Yeah, like, I like lemonade it has antioxidants and its…

Jenny Gonzalez: And sugar…

Chantal Romero: We are getting off topic.

Benjamin Garcia: No, this is mentioned in the column…

Jenny Romero: It is.

Benjamin Garcia: Like, okay, that week of the break-up, I broke out, like, look at me. I don’t know, I drank lemonade and maybe I’m glowing right now. Hopefully, my skin is clearing up a little bit better. I feel a little bit better maybe it’s not but whatever. So, I just self-reflected and I was like okay, he isn’t good for me, he had a pretty face…

Chantal Romero: The pretty face rarely works.

Benjamin Garcia: Yeah, and then, I don’t know, like especially if you have mental illness and they don’t understand, that’s a toxic relationship and you need to not stay in it. And that was the final straw for me and then. So I like told my close friends about it and then I was like, I know, listening to my favorite music, eating my favorite food, meeting new people which is kind of shady but whatever and then I wrote a column about it…

Jenny Gonzalez: That’s true.

Benjamin Garcia: Then I’m going to share the column on Instagram and that’s how everyone is going to know that I’m single.


Jenny Gonzalez: And even when he’s lurking he’ll know who.