Women’s water polo wins 14-5


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No. 3 ranked Cerritos College women’s water polo team defeated Mount San Antonio College on the road in a 14-5 victory to improve to a 19-2 record on Wednesday in a South Coast Conference matchup at the Marie T. Mills Aquatic Facility.

Utility player Adriana Rodriguez scored four goals in the game, scoring one in every quarter of play.

“Offensively we had a plan, so we kept on working hard and kept moving and with the whole rotation going, it gave us all an opportunity to score a goal and do our part,” Rodriguez said.

Cerritos lead Mt. SAC 8-2 at half time after being tied at 1-1 in the first quarter and taking the lead with four unanswered goals from Rodriguez and utility player Yuri Vela.

Utility players Katherine Gabayeron and Sarah Aguayo also scored with two goals each.

“Our confidence was pretty good, we felt easy in the water, our offense was really structured well and our drills really came in handy during practice,” Aguayo said.

“Our team defense in general, our intensity, our execution, and it seems like everything we’ve been working in practice showed,” Cerritos head coach Sergio Macias said. “Mt. SAC never had a chance to get momentum against us.”

Freshman goal keeper Sharon Ku kept Mt. SAC from scoring often with a total of seven saves during the game.

“I have to say, by far (Ku) is one of the best goalies I’ve seen and I’m really lucky to have her on my team, so just having her to defend us and to pretty much have our back, we’re really lucky to have someone finally,” Rodriguez said.

“It went well, it was a game that was gonna determine our seat for the conference tournament and our goal is earn the number one seat and by beating Mt. SAC it kinda helped us maintain and kinda keep that number one seat for the conference tournament.” Macias

Women’s water polo is currently 6-0 for the South Coast Conference.