Cerritos Swim Dives Over Chaffey and East Los Angeles College


Christopher Martinez

Men falcons stretch off the block at the start of the 200 Butterfly. The Falcons will later finish in the top 3.

Christopher Martinez, Sports Editor

Cerritos College Men and Women’s Swim Team made a splash friday as both teams swept East Los Angeles College and Chaffey College. The Women out swam Chaffey 162-96 and East Los Angeles 188-49, The men Dove over Chaffey 137-119 and East Los Angeles was a no contest.

Men’s coach Joe Abing when asked how he felt his team did he had this to say, “Oscar did great he did the 200 Butterfly for the first time in his life and he got third place, so i was really happy for that swim.”

Abing continued “Kevin swam the 200 free for the first time and he won that race that was a great race, Rodrigo had three really good races he won all three of his races. I just told everyone do your best it was good there was a lot of good swims.”

Freshman Kevin Elizarraraz Taking a breath on the second lap of his 200 breaststroke. He finished second with a time of 2:32.36 Photo credit: Christopher Martinez

The men had won nine of their 14 races. Freshman swimmer Colson Marrow, had this to say when asked how he and the team prepared for the swim meet friday “We definitely had a solid week leading up to practice we started off with some hard sets to get our bodies going conditioning wise then worked on a lot of technique.”

Marrow continued “Our assistant coach John Moore was here for a day working on a lot of our individual techniques especially with underwater work and i feel that helped us acell really well.”

The Women’s team swam circles against their opponents. Freshman Backstroke and Individual Medley swimmer Kate De La Mora, mentioned its the the practice that keeps us in shape.

She also mentioned “Yes i did, practices leading up to swim meets are very important and they help us stay conditioned because we do more sprints as meets come closer.”

With Spring Break in the midst both De La Mora and Marrow had their opinions on how spring break could help them relax mentally and focus on swimming.

Freshman Butterflyer Joana Porras Taking a breath on her first lap of her 100 butterfly. She finished first with a time of 1:13.19 Photo credit: Christopher Martinez

De La Mora said she is thankful she gets a break from school, saying “most of the time i don’t have time to warm down enough after practice because i am rushing to get to class or like walking around class is so draining and even just sitting down and paying attention is hard after a hard workout so it’s gonna be good having a nice break from that stress.”

Marrow had similar views on spring break saying “It’s gonna be a time off for me mentally i’m gonna be able to catch up on homework projects and whatnot so i can sleep in later then show up to swim and grind as hard as i can in the pool then i can go home take a nap and take some time off recovering wise so it’ll be nice resting for the meet friday of spring break.”

The Falcons will make a splash again friday mar. 22 at Pasadena city college at 12:30 as they take on Los Angeles Trade-Tech and Pasadena City College.