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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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‘Wolfenstein’ next big first-person shooter

Courtesy of Activision

The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 game, Wolfenstein, released Aug. 18, is based on WWII.

This first-person shooter game has to rage war with combat forces, Nazis and supernatural enemies that were born from dark science.

As a player, Wolfenstein enables odd, yet addicting weapons at your disposal to destroy the Nazis.

Upon Aug. 4, Wolfenstein was introduced to Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, opening up more interest in multiplayer lovers.

When looked upon, multiplayer is not as fun as gameplay.

The online experience of Wolfenstein can be a disappointment; due to brief lag.

You have to play a certain number of matches before you can upgrade abilites and weapons for your character. So more experienced players can defeat you with ease.

The storyline of Wolfenstein is complexed with mission upon mission, then interlinked missions to boot. Yet the game does keep players entertained with such a feat.

The most interesting part of this game has to be the unusual powers a player can possess.

By having an amulet in gameplay will allow certain abilities that are “unearthly.”

The amulet allows players to throw up a protective shield, even supercharge your ammunition to create “supercharged bullets.”

Only downfall of having such wonderful abilities is the placement of activation. So if it is needed when facing undeniable defeat, do not count on being able to activate it in a split second.

Wolfenstein does allow upgradable weapons, which is also linked with power-ups that you could find in the game.

There are some hidden cash and gold, which would help in unlocking even superior upgrades for your weapon of choice.

Although gameplay has many interesting weapons and abilities, the compass and game map is annoying. The compass is a little crazy, every little move creates easy confusion, often leaving a person lost in the map.

With only a few points of the game flawed, such as the compass, online play, and in-game maps, the game has many more good attributes.

Wolfenstein is a recommended game for first-person shooter addicts.

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‘Wolfenstein’ next big first-person shooter